Unicycle Adventure in Desford

Beginner Level stuff! I thought I’d give warning so I don’t bore people

Wanted to give something back, I’ve watched so many videos here.

Not really at the same standard as some of the other posters though… And by not really I mean not even in the same league. It’s like I’m competing in a totally different sport. :stuck_out_tongue:

Music is improv on Death Ray Boogie… I didn’t really know what to play. =P

Hey, that was a nice little vid. Congrats. Good work on the 1ft WW and gliding. If i were you i’d invest in some leg pads and some gloves though. Keep it up.

dont buy pads or gloves, keep your money for a tripod. :smiley:

Good riding. I wouldn’t say that is “beginner stuff”…it’s more intermediate level. Keep it up! :slight_smile:


yyeah i was about to say the same thing…its not that bad lol. hah you make it sound like theres just gonna be some wobbly riding around with no tricks. especially one foot wheel walking and gliding, def not beginner

when you’re goin down that wall at the beginning you should learn to just drop and not stop each step and start setup hopping…roll off of em