Unicycle Ad in Paris

So I ran away to Paris on Saturday.

I noticed this Ad:

What does it say? does the writing give any link to why the unicycles are there? looks like its a mobile phone thing, cant think why it might have unis in it though.

if you can read (or guess) french here are responses to your questions: http://monocycle.info/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3241
unicycle is a symbol for mobility …

encore une nouveaute sfr la carte

still an innovation sfr the chart

wrong translation Hazmat :smiley: that’s where you’ll have to know the context
to understand!
SFR is a cell phone company and this is an ad for pre-paid cards…

All i did was go here. http://dictionary.reference.com/translate/:D My bad if it’s the wrong translation. :frowning: :frowning:

BTW i fixed my previous post to say exactly what it said when translated. :smiley:

automatic translations produce strange results most of the time.
human-produced translations could be funny also if you do not have the context. good thing we still have to rely on humans!