Unicycle Across The Tamar Bridge

Calstock unicycle club is doing a sponsered unicycle across the Tamar bridge to rasie funds for the club then having a pub lunch the other side other unicyclist are welcome to come along the more people the better!


Morte info please

Where and when should people meet up ? Is there a plan for lunch?

I’m interested, just need a little more info so I hit the right side of the bridge at the right time:-)


From http://www.alioops.squaremail.co.uk/cucnewsletter.htm

Sunday 14th March, Unicycle across Tamar Bridge and pub lunch. (Cycle path) Suggested by Kids that this is a sponsored event to raise funds. Club outing, also good to encourage other unicyclists to come. Meet 11.00 on Saltash side unless horrible weather. Other siblings can come on bikes and trikes. Will need idea of numbers to warn pub nearer the time.


Any one going to this from up-country who will be passing exeter on the way?
I’m keen to go but won’t have the car. I might take the train otherwise.

looking forward to seeing the Cal Uni club again.