Unicycle accidents happen in the home!

I ride indoors, too.

I have been practicing indoors lately, balancing myself in the door to the bathroom and riding around on the big, open, wooden floor in my apartment.

I did fall flat on my back side once, which hurt. Otherwise no mishaps. Yet.

i usually ride around the house on my uni everyday. i ride to the fridge and lean over to get food and ride to my room to get stuff if i want. once i just fell over onto the hard wood floor and it hit my funny bone. it caned like i couldnt move it and my skin temp went like high and if felt weirdf. usually this happens if you land on the wrong spot maybe on a trampoline. you feel or weird.

just today my wife was yelling at me not to uni in the house. well she just went to work and ive been dying to try out the coker i got about a week and a half ago. its just been to cold out side. so i decided to try it now. (i think we all know where this is going) so i tryed to free mount it for the first time and to my suprise i got on it very well. however with such a big wheel and my thick carpet i was not able to move. the unicycle came out from under me hit the end table and knocked the lamp off it, breaking it. so how do i explain this one to my wife when she gets home?

Do you have kids?

ya a 7 month old.

“zero plant” in my room and got a nasty pedal bite

I scoot around my living room whilst watching tv. There’s fingerprint smudges all over a 50cm² area next to my fireplace from when I first started. If anything went wrong by the fireplace, it was better to stabilise with the aid of the wall than face the perils of landing on a tiled hearth. It’s been about 6 months since I last had to put my hand out there. I really should redecorate :roll_eyes:

Several years ago, I was attempting to learn one-foot ww in my kitchen. The uni shot out from under me and into the wooden railing that separates the kitchen from the living room. Three of the balusters broke.

It’s sorta hard for me to get after the kids for playing too rough indoors when the splintered spindles are still there as evidence.


i have fingerprints on all the walls in my apartment, and across the kitchen ceiling, i hope i don’t have to repaint it before i move, lol:)