Unicycle accidents happen in the home!

I live in a flat (or if your an American an apartment) above some shops on a high street. So I have no garden to practice in, as a result I often try little tricks and mounts inside.

a week or so ago I was doing some jump-mounts and idling in my dining room fell backwards and hit my head on the edge of the table, luckily I have dreads and they cushioned most of the blow so I was fine. Just wondering if you guys have had any similar things happen?

This is the place to post any severe or silly accidents that have happened to you in your home, or have happened to your home as a result of you.

i once tried to mount my new giraffe about 2 years ago and bumped my head on the ceiling on my kitchen.

360 uni-spins in my room. hit the light fixture

I had 3 palettes in my college apartment’s living room last fall and while trying to learn to crankgrab with the ‘other’ crank the crankgrab palette turned into a facegrab couch.

good thing its a fluffy couch.


These things are bound to happen; I have a friend who’s learning the nunchucks he’s broken two light bulbs in the past week.

A couple of years ago I was playing around with my uni in my basement. I was freemounting and riding around. I was using the overhead floor joists to help balance, occasionally reaching up and grabbing them. You know where this is headed… one time I was tipping over and I whacked my hand up onto the joist, overhead, and I felt something funny at the edge of my palm. I instinctively pulled it away, but unfortunately the funny feeling was the head of a roofing nail embedded in my palm, and pulling away tore off a flap of skin. The nail wasn’t fully pounded in, and it’s large round head was sticking out sideways about 3/8".

This ended with a few stitches, as it was on the palm right at the base of my pinky finger.

thats pretty dam extreem, i have a question: have you unicycled in your basement since and if so did you make sure all protruding nails were removed first?

For rainy days I’ve got a small trials course built up in my garage. The only problem is inconsistent head-room as the ceiling is kind of low in places and the garage door rails poke out. Anyhow I sometimes “forget” and bump my head on the ceiling or rails. Once I was side-hopping my way up this skinny ladder between a 20’’ tall box and my 3’ tall box and just as I was transitioning from the ladder to the tall box I bumped my head hard against the sheet-rock ceiling which resulted in a large cloud of dust and debry to shower down on me! While I was laughing, I almost bailed out but since I was already 3’ up in a confined space with no good place to jump to (what with other odds and ends squeezed into the not trials areas of the garage) I just stuck with it and kept going, laughing the whole time!

superman in the passage

My three-year-old somehow did a superman on his 12". I don’t know how, since he can’t really ride. Unfortunately the landing wasn’t at all gracious…

Huh? How about the people who say “Maybe it would be a bad idea to juggle clubs near the chandelier” or “I should probably practice my Trials moves a little further away from tables and things.” Sheesh. Dare I call them the smarter ones?

Best example I can think of, since I’ve had a history of avoiding practicing tricks around things I could break, is the following. After making a spiked tire for winter riding (by pounding a hundred or so carpet tacks through a tire) I was taking it outside. You can’t roll a nail-tire on the floor, so you have to carry it. And you can’t let it swing around and bounce off things like a normal tire. Especially your legs. So on my way out of the house from the basement it stuck itself to not one, but two doorframes as I passed through them. Sloppy handling!

Dreads; the new crash helmet.:slight_smile:

I guess my worst at-home-accident was in the garage. Practicing free mounts back when I was just learning, the unicycle shot out from under me and rocketed towards the wall. Punched a sizeable hole in the sheetrock. I leaned a scrap piece of plywood over the hole and I still don’t think my wife has seen it. That was 3 years ago.:o

slipped on a wet kitchen floor, ended up with a couple of sore ribs and a headache. the unicycle bounced off the fridge, but didn’t brake anything

Watching TV

I practice standstills while watching TV. All the walls in my living room have tire smudges on them!


loooool :smiley:
Sorry, nothing personnal, but when I try to picture the scene, can’t stop laughing. Hopefully, that wasn’t too hurtfull, was it ?

I’m practicing unicycling for 1 week in my appartement with my 24" standard uni, and also got black tyre marks on every wall… Almost smashed a classic guitar while trying a free mount… pfouuu. Won’t do that again :stuck_out_tongue:

I frequently juggle clubs near the ceiling fan/chandelier in our living room.

I’ve only broken it once.

When I started out, I was holding onto the dining table and riding round it to get a feel for the uni, and a few times clipped the bench and decked myself. And about two weeks ago on my 2 wheeler in the garden, it shot out from under me and I hit the rabbit hutch.

when i first got my uni (christmas day 2006) it was raining so i lined my tiny bedroom with pillows and quilts and stuff to make a sofer landing whan i fell, unfortunatly the room was too small to ride in and the uni went out in front of me, hit the draws and bounced back in between my legs basically, leaving me in a lot of pain :astonished: my walls and door frames are marked and chipped from riding indoors to the point my parents have basically banned me riding inside:(

This is the most ive done in my room.


That was funny. Did you have to duck to keep your head from hitting the ceiling? For a fun variation (since it’s probably really hard to ride or even keep hopping on a bed), land the hop and then do another hop into a laying-down position and pretend to go to sleep, hugging the unicycle. Now THAT would make for a funny vid!

That reminds me of an incident that wasn’t in my home, but was under a relatively low ceiling. I was doing a show at a library on eastern Long Island (Patchogue?). Low ceilings can be lots of fun with giraffes because you get to play up the low headroom and difficulty aspect, and sometimes have to ride crouched down or with your hair trailing along the ceiling, building up a static charge.

This ceiling was a little higher than that, with about 2" of overhead clearance. I checked it before the show to get a feel for the height. No problem, just a little bit of fun for the club juggling up there. But I forgot something, and learned a lesson that day. The lesson: watch for sprinklers! Somehow I managed to mount, during the show, within inches of one of the sprinklers. I didn’t hit it when mounting. But as soon as I went to ride forward, KANG! I bumped the sprinkler and it made the whole ceiling jiggle as all the sprinklers were affected. It got a huge laugh, but the joke was on me. :stuck_out_tongue: