Unicycle Abseiling

Has anyone ever considered abseiling on a unicycle? I did a quick Google but didn’t see anything likely.

It occurred to me after a couple of wines when discussing unicycling with friends and family at a recent party.

Clearly the rigging would need to be well considered but someone riding down a wall would be a very interesting sight. Mountain uni abseiling would be interesting too.

It might sound crazy but it would certainly make more sense than trying it on a b*ike.

Then we could have a rope attachment driven off the wheel. With the right ratios it might be possible to build a uni that would climb a rope as it was ridden up the cliff.:wink:

Harness backwards so that you are facing down, and a pair of spd pedals clipped in should make it quite possible. I think it might be the easiest if you have someone else to control the decent so that you have your hands free for the uni. But with the right gear you might even be able to do it safely while controlling your own decent.

Make sure that there is a video recorded when you do it.

Looks like it can be done

Here’s an article about it

Here’s the video


Sounds exciting, but I think it would be a real let down.

It was done by David Weichenberger in 2002