unicycle.2ya is frozen!

Is there a mirror site for the Tips & Tutorials? I noticed that the bandwidth limit was exceeded…bummer.

Yeah, I was upset to realize that the other night as well.

i was hoping it was temporary =T
i could possibly mirror the site if the owner/webmaster would like?

I’ll email Peter and see what he wants to do.

Thanks for the heads up.


http://www.nzcal.com/ is also interesting (gives you 20mb free no banners anywhere) :slight_smile:

i’ll email my cousin and see if he can host it… it’d have to be a .tk websitem though, not a .com…

Thanks for the support guys. Latest news is that although it says we’re over the limit, it also says we’ve used only 100MB of our 500MB for the month. I think for now Peter is planning to just wait until it’s reset.