Unicycle.2ya.com Video Links Page - the start of something handy...

Here’s what I started working on this afternoon. Can you think of any other big movies that I’ve missed. For now we’re just compiling the bigger movies that have had the most effort put into them as there are soooo many little movies out there. The list will keep growing though.

Also for those interested, Tony Melton’s “Numero Uno” northshore muni movie is now in my gallery at http://gallery.unicyclist.com/albums/bigmovies/numero_uno.wmv

Now hopefully if you click on these two images which will hopefully appear, you will be taken to the full size versions…


Neat. I’ve been thinking of doing something like that to highlight the good videos. I’ve got about 10 GB of downloaded videos on my computer with links to where they were found. I’ve been wanting to go through them and organize the good ones in a list, but I’ve been too lazy.

One problem is that some of the good ones have moved or are no longer available online.

Are you going to put the list on unicycle.2ya.com in a form where the links are clickable?

Then, when we’ve got all the movies people can think of, we were thinking of having a kind of movie awards/poll thing for everyone to vote for their favourite movies to be displayed on the site…unless we decide to list them all…:smiley:

Definitely. I’d like to have a way of gathering all the actual files together in a safe place (some are on non-unicyclist.com sites) but that’s a hell of a lot of downloading and uploading…plus they’re not my movies to be playing around with in that way. Most of them have been in the same spot for months though.


What’s the difference between a big movie and a little movie?

My new goal is to get good enough to be on your movie url page

Andrew, I’ve got some here:

It includes full performances by some of the top riders at NAUCC last summer, namely Amy Shields, Ryan Woessner, and Christy Grider. Big files. If somebody wants to compress and recompile them, please let me know.

Someday I’m going to work out how to list all my camera’s video clips on Smugmug. My account allows it, but first they must be converted to MPEG1. Anyone got any recommendations for converting Quicktime AVI files to MPEG1?

Definitely a good idea! Andrew- my video page changed a few months ago to http://www.unicyclejester.com/video.php

That page is kinda out-of-date, I still need to add KFC showdown high-quality and my porch freestyle movie.

Also, it has old stuff that isn’t that exciting… shrugs



Forgive me if I overlooked it on your list but definitely one of the best is Dan Doerksen’s “Demo”.

There is a thread about it here but I don’t think the video is in JC’s gallery any more. There might be another link to it somewhere.

Here’s a thread on doing just that: Converting from MOV to MPEG or AVI.
It’s all Windows though. I’m sure there is Mac software that can convert a MOV file to MPEG-1.

That’s a great video but Dan didn’t want it online any longer so I removed the videos at his request.

Forgive my ignorance/stating-the-obvious type behaviour, but
the videos seem to be mostly Muni or Trials. Are there any big freestyle vids out there?

That’s too bad, did he give a reason? Good thing I have a local copy, it’s one of my favorites. :slight_smile:

No reason given. It’s one of my favorites too. It’s a good thing I save all of the good videos I download.

Maybe Dan will make another web site and post videos and pictures again. I have no idea what he’s up to now.

What’s the difference between a big movie and a little movie?

  • Well I think a ‘big movie’ is usually at least 2 minutes long (roughly) and has clearly had some effort put into the riding and editing. Most of the big movies are compilations of clips and so so they’re usually the best of the best from that rider(s). Does everyone roughly agree with that?

My new goal is to get good enough to be on your movie url page

  • I’m sure when we get a ‘biggish movies’ list up (hopefully soon) yours will be on it. I definitely enjoyed it.

Andrew, I’ve got some here

  • Thanks, I’ll look at them this afternoon. Maybe they would be best suited in the second list I posted. It’s tough with all these freestyle videos. The riding is ridiculously good and the routines themselves have had a huge amount of effort put into them, but I think listing all of them individually in the big movies section isn’t really fitting…either that or I just want an excuse not to do it because there are so many of them and I’m scared of the work involved. :wink:

Andrew- my video page changed a few months ago to http://www.unicyclejester.com/video.php

  • Thanks, I’ll update it.

the videos seem to be mostly Muni or Trials. Are there any big freestyle vids out there?

  • Please, everyone, let me know of any you can think of but for now I’ve listed them in the second list as they haven’t so much fitted the definition I just gave of the ‘big movies’. Well I don’t know, it’s tough deciding what should go where when there are so many movies to work with. It also doesn’t seem right to choose just a couple of them because I’m not a freestyle rider and couldn’t say which is better.


THat will be cool,but im not sure whats going on.THere will be links to all the “bigish” movies on unicycle.2ya.com?

ANd also,how come unicycle.2ya.com doesnt work?

When was the last time you tried the site? You should find it is working now. The main gallery where all the video tutorials and pictures are kept was changed, and so for a few days they werent working, I have gone through and changed all the links now so everything should be working…try again and if its not working please let me know and I’ll see what I can do :smiley:

In the end we will hopefully have a big list of everyones favourite online movies with links to them, so it will be one spot where anyone looking for an online video can see if it is there…or if your just looking for some new movies to download check our list.

Currently Peter is working on the template and I’m uploading Tony Melton’s “Unit 1.0” to unicyclist.com and also creating a picture compilation for each of the ‘big movies’, something I’d love to see for each video posted here.

Should be up and running at www.unicycle.2ya.com soon.


Sooo much downloading and uploading today! I’ve made a list of trailers. Have I missed any? A couple have a choice of trailer file sizes and formats which I haven’t included yet, I just chose the top quality in each case. Do you think this is acceptable or should I add each version?


  • I realise this screenshot is hard to read as I had to make it 800 pixels wide to post it here.