unicycle.2ya.com back up!!

Well after a few months, and Im really sorry it took so long, unicycle.2ya.com is back up and running! All pages should work, you should be able to see all tips and tutorials. The pictures, guestbook and “Learning to Unicycle” aren’t yet working, but the bulk of the site is there. I’ll work on touching it up and get it looking like before in the next week or so, but all the tips are there to look at!
Again sorry it took so long, let me know if you find any dead links.

Its now hosted thanks to Gilby on my unicyclist.com webspace. I made copies of all the pages on my computer, can edit them there (I just do all the HTMl myself) and then copy them into the webspace.

Nice work, you are a legend.


munimanpete.unicyclist.com :wink:

It was funny looking at the “What’s Hot” section of the links here and always seeing Unicycling Tips & Tutorials - unicycle.2ya.com up near the top of the list even though the site was dead. Lots of frustrated clickers clicking on the link in the hope that it will somehow suddenly work again. Now it does.

I have more updates! I have added the background and put on the only wierd logo I had on my computer…it doesnt look so good but I think Andrew is working on a new one. Im going to try get the rest of the pictures on now.

Thanks again for resurrecting this resource. It will save us all alot of repeat typing. Now we just cut and paste into the link tool.

Ok well I’ve got most the site working, all pictures are up except one! And I need your help. Its the picture on ‘protecting your manhood’, I dont have it on my computer and I couldnt find the thread it was in. It was drawn by TheBadger587 - if anyone has this picture saved on their computer, or could find the thread I would be very greatful to get it back on the site.
Also guestbook should be up in 5-6 days and we’re waiting to put PDF’s of the Obstacle Building tutorials and Grind Plate Building tutorials on the site. As well as get a new logo and change domain name :smiley:

Oh yeah Nut Breaker! That was the thread! hehe thanks Andrew.

Guestbook is now operational again.

I just added the PDF files for the Obstacle Building Tutorials and Grind Plate Tutorial, a few people were asking about them so thought I’d mention it.
So basically the whole site is how it used to be or better, except the logo, but thats not so important.