Unicycle 29" with GB4 Handle Kris Holm Fusion Freeride Saddle

Purchased this years ago as a step down from a 36", never really rode it.
Has been sitting in the corner since 2009. I do not remember the make/model but I got it from Unicycle.com.
On it now are 150mm cranks, and it will come with some 125mm cranks as well.
Seat post was cut to 8", at this length it fits me - 5’8" with 31" inseam.
The post has about 1" to drop and 4" to go up, so would probably fit an inseam from around 29"-34".

Starting at $199 + $50 shipping from Los Angeles CA, on eBay now, item #330686303609

I’ll even throw in a crank puller/removal tool !

It’d make an excellent commuter uni if only my cycle-fun account wasn’t so low. If a few of my Craigs List ads move soon you’ll be the first one I contact.

I don’t suppose you’d like to trade for a Koxx1 Domina II in excellent condition. I’ve even replaced the seatpost with a KH and the pedals with gold Odyssey’s.

I’m a buyer for your 29’er and I can pick up. Please PM me a phone number and address and we’ll get 'er done!!


Is this still for sale?