Unicycle 24 Wilder Mountain/Trials Aluminium frame with Poznanter hub

Wilder Mountain/Trials Unicycle, 24" wheel with hand-built aluminium frame and the “indestructible” Pozanter hub. Sold by Wilder with lifetime guarantee. Immaculate condition, hardly ever been ridden and never been dropped - slight scratch on seat.

On E…Bay now due to finish tonight at 9pm. See pics there.

A rare opportunity to purchase an even rearer hand crafted unicycle with one of the lightest and strongest frames ever made. Originally cost £1325.

Frame - 24" Wilder 6160 aluminium
Cranks - Profile 48 spline 170mm
Wheel - 24" Alex DX32
Tyre - Gazzaloddi 24x3 (used)
Seat - Kris Holm - Air seat with leather fusion seat cover
Pedals - none


Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

link please

heres a pic of the frame jacob…says it weights just over 635g

Thanks Mexico! You DA man!!

Does the seat tube pass through the crown or is it just welded flush like the old KH?

Nice looking frame, curious how he forms the tubes, nice look, similar to the hydroformed MTB frames.

I’m posting first time.
So what would be the lightest 20" or preferably 24" complete for travelling?
Isn’t there a carbon fiber frame available somewhere to get the weight down?


This MUni has been relisted on Ebay due to timewasters.

Here is a link to the listing. It will now finish on 01 Oct, 2011 13:30:58 BST.


Good Luck.:slight_smile:

IS the Wilder the most aesthetically built MUni ever made?

What do you think? How does this uni compare to for example the KH MUni 24?