Unicycists from the North of Wales?

Dear all,

I have a friend who is crazy about unicycling, like me. He lives in the
Netherlands now, but is going to move back to Wales (very soon) He’s from
the village Prestatyn (near Rhyl), but is going to live in a village closer
by Liverpool.

He is 34 years old.

If you live in that region please reply. I am sure that he wants to know
people to unicycle with, especially Muni.


your friend might want to consider travelling a little further North for his muni and join us for a ride occasionally in the Lakes – about 2.5-3 hours depending upon the traffic. Although North Wales has some great routes it does not have nearly as many as Cumbria, which is arguably far more picturesque.



North Wales some some great riding. It is a little bumpier than the Netherlands :smiley:

There are a few riders around the Birmingham and Shrewsbury area, which isn’t too far away. There are also regular meets in Kidderminster and Mostyn, also not far.

How do we know when such a meeting takes place? And yes… I know it’s bumpier over there. :roll_eyes:


lists unicycle events going on in the uk


Thank you!
The first week of october I’m in Wales and I see there is a meeting in Kidderminster on the 9th of October. I am probably going home that day, so I miss it.

Oh wel… Maybe more luck next time.

There is about 10 of us in bristol, we are planning to do alot of Muni in Wales over the next year, (Its our closest set of mountains - and some of us have family in west Wales)

So if you want to meet up at all just drop us a line.