Unicycing san Francisco

I am In san Francisco and I want do unicycling in july 2011. But with other teen agers Where can I fins this?
Finck you! :thinking:

Your best bet is to check out the calendar/mailing list at http://berkeleyunicycling.org. I personally am out of town this weekend but there are others who may be interested in MUni on the weekend, and the Tuesday basketball game in Berkeley always happens. Don’t know how many teenagers there are.

Finck you,
We already came last week and we Will go back to night.
I am Gaetan and I am with Nicholas.
I Will tchak the site.
See you this night.

I live in Burlingame this year which is half an hours south from SF.
We sure can meet up for some riding. If you are in trials some city-trial would be really cool!
I only have a 20" trials uni here but I often went for some downhill with it already, so if you want to, we can also hit a mountain.

Yo I’m in Saratoga and mostly do tricks and trials riding (still basic stuff). I dunno what type of riding you wanna do… I know a girl at my high school too that I sold my old uni too and she rides as well.
I figure in San Francisco their would be a unicycle club because it’s such a big and diverse city but I guess not.
I wouldn’t mind making a trip to the fine city of San Francisco sometime. I do open water swimming so I could do an open water swim in the early morning and a unicycle sesh after.

There’s only unicycle gangs; we have one in Santa Cruz here:


We mainly do mountain unicycling and street rides. Although, I sometimes do trials. I live in the Santa Cruz mountains, but work in Cupertino, so I go by Saratoga almost every day.