unicyciling in yosamite

Well me and aaron went on another spectacular jam sesssion* uni ride. This time we were campin in yosamite and Aaron somehow got his unicycle past his mom, yay, anyways, we had a good time ridin around, it was alot of fun, enjoy my pics.







tight, thats aaron


thats pretty cool


top of a pretty weak hill, it was tight though


WHAT, thats lame, but when i godumpster diving, its sexy…


Well thats all ima put on right now, im to lazy to resize and post them, see ya

Looks like ya had fun, good for you

I am disappointed to see your blatant disregard and misuse of a natural treasure… read on:


Not only were you riding without a helmet, you were riding off the marked trails, to quote the above link…

“Off-trail riding and mountain biking are not permitted in Yosemite National Park.”

This park is a national monument, not your neighborhood dirt lot where you can stomp as you please. It is every visitor’s responsibility to help preserve the natural beauty of this park. Granted, the Yos. valley is a high-traffic area, but an effort still must be made to prevent every tree, plant and bush from being trampled underfoot / wheel / etc. Your actions prove you’ve no consideration for this fact.

Think of it this way: if everyone who passed by your house did some “donuts” on your lawn you’d have nothing but a rutted mud pit for a yard. Please respect the park; it should be left for future generations to enjoy in all its natural splendor, not just as pictures taken from a past era.

And now for something completely different.

I was thinking it was yosemite which has a “super-volcano” under it. It’s not, it’s Yellowstone that does. Whils looking for something to post about getting blown up at yosemite I came across this site. It’s very informative. :roll_eyes:


Looks like you had a good time. But stick to the paths. It makes sense.

im thinkin of going up half dome this year and still standin up top, not too close to the edge, im not that kinda guy.

Good Luck, Thats a tough climb, especially with a uni.

I brought my muni to Yosemite and rode around the camp site and on some paved/gravel trails, but nowhere I wasn’t soposta. There was a really cool log that went a cross a river but that was at the campsite and wasn’t off limits.

maestro8, thank you for your words of common sense. I wanted to wait until somebody else mentioned how our national parks are not Trials courses.

Helmet and pads or no, there are millions of places in Central CA where you can ride on the same stuff, without being in a place where people come from the other side of the world to look at nature. By riding in places where it’s not permitted, you make all unicyclists look bad.

Careful on the “paths” as well. At the bigger parks they are usually pretty restrictive on bikes (which counts us, for purposes of this thread). In Yosemite, for example, I think you are only allowed to ride on paved or gravel “bike paths” or roads. It’s all pretty boring stuff.

I’m pretty sure Yellowstone is the park with the super-volcano under it. That gives the park its geysers and many other geothermal features. Based on my 1995 visit, cycling is also pretty restricted, though I had a nice ride on a dirt road that was closed to cars. I came around a corner and startled a huge elk, which was scary for a second. He took off before I could get out a camera. Further along I spotted a coyote and we stared at each other for a while.

The attached picture shows me doing some “legal” riding in Yosemite. Ah, good old 24" street unis!


Make sure you can “wear” the uni on your back somehow, as a good deal of the hike is sketchy and often all you have (if anything) is a small metal cable as a railing. You’ll want to have your hands free for this one. Please, do post a pic when you pull it off… it should be a real beauty!

you fools! i takled with the ranger and they were like, Its tight, go ahead. andmy freind was wearing his helmet, i took it off cuz it was to big and fell over my eyes, plus i wasnt like riding through bushes or anything, dang, besides, im a boyscout, i know whats goin on…

It looks like he’s riding in the campground, not in the wilderness.

The National Park Service has recently agreed to support biking in national parks as “compatible with the values of the National Park system”. http://www.imba.com/news/news_releases/05_05/05_02_nps_imba.html

That decision will likely open up dirt roads for cycling, and may eventually lead to open singletrack in national parks.

That doesn’t mean you should go off blazing trails on unis, but I don’t think hopping on tree stumps and riding in places where hundreds of people walk all the time is an ecological disaster waiting to happen.

oh ya and i was at the campsite, i guess thats why the doos in the cool hats didnt say anything to me,

YOu guys should also note the trashcan, its not like yasamite has trashcans in the middle of the woods. g-eez gimme a break

In at least two of your photos I saw small shoots and saplings right near where you were riding. Notice all the nice trees around the campground? Notice the dead ones too? In time all the nice trees will die, and if the saplings never get a chance to grow the campgrounds will become barren wastelands of decaying matter. Not quite the makings of a nice visit to the wilderness, don’t you think? Wait… it’s apparent you’re not thinking.

I won’t go as far as saying you’re a fool, but I will say you didn’t learn much ecology in Boy Scouts.