unicrown,not so round

i am currantly using a metal hose clamp to put my foot on for tricks

i’m curious if there is a better idea out there to make a unicrown fork just a little bit better for one foot and gliding style tricks

im not into welding,but other than that there has got to be somthing better than a stabbing into your calf hose clamp.

am i asking to much?

I have no idea what might be better, but I’m intrigued at your idea of using a hose clamp as I’ve been needing to come up with something to accomodate one-footing tricks myself.

How exactly are you using this hose clamp? Where is it attached? One side, both? What part of frame? How far do you have it sticking out?

I was thinking of lashing wooden pegs on myself, but your idea sounds much better.


I attached small pieces (1" x 2") of sheet rubber to the curved part of the crown of my Zephyr with electrical tape. Friction tape would work too.

only one wheel

my hose clamp is at the mid point on the shoulder of the crown.not to far out,not to far in.

i’ve riddin at least 10 revolutions with this,but you really have to get your foot on it in the right place,its better than without.

Harper,did the rubber strips make it flater on top or was this just for grip?

P.S. i ride a 26" uni so any idea’s that add alot of extra hight are harder to reach,than if it were a 20"uni

lol Jagur, your one to talk, sending back the KH frame;)

seriously though, hose clamps work great. I used one on my Pashley frame for a long time,
and I find it actually holds your foot better than most flat crown frames (except the KH). I
used a little piece of rubber between the hose clamp and the frame, to keep it from slipping.

I found that once I got used to having it there, I rarely hit my leg on it.

I think I heard once about someone welding nuts to the crown for this purpose.


The rubber strips are for grip only and did nothing to flatten the crown.

ben Plotkin-swing

i sent the KH back because one of the bering surfaces was screwed-up and it was pinching the berings so they would’nt turn freely.

i did’nt want to send it back,but i got the bad apple and thats just the way it goes.