I was at the transfer station, after beginning a much needed garage reorganization, and the guy next to me was about to throw away a “ bounce horse” which looked to be in good condition. I thought at the time that it would be pretty amusing to attach it to a unicycle and make some friends laugh. Within moments I had really quite a few ideas for different uses for the pony that would soon be headed to the landfill, so I asked the guy if I could have the plastic pony before he chucked it. He handed it to me said “Yeah. All you man”. I thanked him and put the horse in the back of the truck without really inspecting it closely because it is bad manners to look a gift horse in the mouth.

The horse was solid and not in bad shape at all for a ground score. The Cove to Clover 5 k Race was one week away and I wanted to ride in the unicycle division again because I don’t run well after radiation therapy and having my left leg taken apart like a cheap toy in 2005. The Cove to Clover 5 K Race is part of the St. Patty’s Day local celebration so I was thinking it would add to the ambiance of other colorful characters to ride a “green eyed Celtic unicorn stallion“. I would have to forgo finishing straightening out the garage and doing yard work to make this happen , but I would rather horse around than do home work anytime.

It would be easy to put the horse under the seat by drilling a hole to clear the seat post but it would mean straddling the pony for several miles of riding and that was really not going to happen. I decided to figure out how much room I needed to clear my knees, part the horse and do a removable mount for each half that could detach for transport but would lock up solid to ride well. I knew it would change the proportions of the unicorn to elongate the the body like this but I figured it would look enough like a “real unicorn” that no one would really be too bothered : )

It would need to be as light as possible too so I used a thin wall aluminum square tube and fortunately saved some extrusion that worked nicely in a male/female configuration. The connections would work like a receiver hitch on a truck, just much lighter. So, it was cool, I had all the pieces and I have some nice equipment and could clear enough space in the garage to make it all happen. It would have been easier to work in the garage if there was more organization and less useful things accumulated that will become somehow re-purposed for future projects, but that would be putting the cart before the horse. I will have to live a long time to utilize all the junk I save, but my plan is to live forever and so far that is working out.

I will just post up some pics of the process and the Cove To Clover event now and throttle back on the natter.


Cove To Clover 5K was March 16, 2014 and the Burien UFO Festival was last Tuesday, April 1. Or April Fools Day. I had planned on going with some friends and family to the UFO Festival because it’s like a small Mardi Gras and the plan was to go as a “space cowboy” and by adding some flashing antennae I could show up in style on a “space horse”. It turned out really well.

Unicycling is like ketchup, it goes with everything.

Here is a link to Burien UFO Festival and you may find “The Maury Island Incident” interesting also. There are links to the “Maury Island Incident” in the article and you can Wikipedia it as well







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Another beautiful work of art, similar to the splendid gift you created for my birthday last year. That looks like a gas. Did the sheriff wrangle a date with the green-skinned beauty?

Poor horse… and cool project :slight_smile:
Could you use some cloth to cover your legs and missing unicorn parts? Or just unicorn and have it under your legs?

Great stuff :slight_smile: Love the uniuni .Thanks for sharing your tale with us. :slight_smile:
Had a look at the links as well, boy you guys know how to enjoy yourselves, it looks like you’re all having a great time. Lots of smiley faces. Some fab photo’s in there.

Just saw this on another thread. A super bike for the Men in Black from the UFO Festival don’t ya think. :wink:

I love it. Great idea; well executed.

that is pretty awesome! I might need to make something like that when I have time.

Thanks Harper. The UniCane I made you for your last birthday was really supposed to be awkward and embarassing for you, but you totally embrace the silliness and roll with everything. It may be that you are unphazerable, but I will keep trying. I met the green alien chick’s mom and the mom was about 30 light years too young, so no trifling with alien women folk.

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It really was a good time Alucard. I get a little stage fright just riding in public on a unicycle anyway but the fun factor kicks in and the entertainment value people were getting really overides any wall flower tendencies I felt and so I engaged people and that little bit of openess made the effort really work on every level. It also scored me an invite to the Seattle International Film Festival Screening of “The Maury Island Incident” in costume of course, and I might do it if I am in town.

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Thanks Vookash. I toyed with cloth and ended up going “steampunk” with the mid section cause I like that style and it gave me an excuse to put a real saddle horn on that beast. The heart is gold and it “beats” in red flashes

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Thanks Idlux and kennedy194. It is really pretty ridiculous but it has entertained so many people that it was worth being awkward.

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Thanks for sharing that with us, it’s super-cool. I really needed to see something really nice and nonsensical today after a rough series of days. You made a beautiful stretch-limo hobby horse uni that lights up! Awesome. Now you have to use it in all the night parades in your area (Seafair? Was that the one we did during Unicon 11?). Also get it out for Halloween, the trick-or-treaters will love it.

I think that could be the next thing in the KH lineup. Truly awesome!

Totally awesome! I thought the unicane was unbeatable but you done yerself proude.

OK, I don’t recall seeing a picture of that, but after seeing the Unicorn, I would really like to see the UniCane.

A few pictures in a forum post


Thanks John. I like seeing the things other unicyclists do here so I felt other people are probably similarly amused. I lack the ability to do jaw dropping jumps and seemingly reality altering stunts but as I looked at the pony and the possibilities, I thought ya know, I can make that happen.

Thanks for the other suggestions, as I was reading your ideas I am having the thought that I could put a set of antlers and a flashing red nose on the horse and it becomes an awesome reindeer. I already have a swank Santa outfit with the beard and all… thanks for helping a fellow unicyclist not become a “one trick pony”

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A very cool and creative UNIcycle UNIcorn! The unicane is awesome too.

Thanks Kenny

muni123: You gots the mad skills yo.

I figure the only way I will ever push the envelope is to become a mailman.

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