UniconX report.

Well, I don’t know how the NG is going at the moment, butlots of us NGers are
here in Beijing.

This convention is HOT, thats stickey, sunny and hot.

The racing has been track so far with incrediblyfast small children on 16inch
wheels amazing me with tere sppen. The Coker is causing a lot of amusment with
the tinies, many of whom want to have their photo taken perched up on it.

Basket ball last night was ( I’m told) awesome the Japan2 team taking on an
organised german team and winning after scoring two baskets against team USA who
are all twice the hieght of Japan2’s girls, even when they were stand up gliding
towards the basket.

Hockey starts in earnest tonight, Muni race is still to come, but the track is
pretty good, hard, steep and stony, this muni race is going to be good. With Dan
Heaton , Kris Holm and Bruce Bundy etc battling it out on Roger Davies designed
course.We expect to see wonders.

Long Jump. Dan leapt 2 meters. Good attempts from Kato and other japanesse
riders. High Jump. Dan officialy cleared 80cm in competition. Informaly we saw
Kris clear 82cm. Jaw dropping stuff.

TTFN sarah

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