uniconnews.com episode 07

Hi, can anyone translate what happens in this episode? I wasn’t sure if they were talking to police or ambulance staff…

it looks like traffice police or a parking inspector or something along those lines.

Appearentlt one of the participants (but it also could be a tourist), got an serious alcohol toxication. I saw the kid walking before.
Then when an ambulance came in I so found out he was doing very badly in front of the main hall, and decided to film it.
Filming should always a right. Especially on public street in a neutral country like Swiss. Publishing victoms might not allowed, but publishing victoms in a way you cannot recognize them certainly is. Even in Swiss.
Touching my camera (by the police bitch) is I think not allowed, especially when I was’nt focussing on the victom anymore!

As far you wish to call it a victom. So to answer her question wether I don’t have any respect for this “victom of alcohol”; I have as much respect for police that stops me filming as for people that can’t handle alcohol.
And I know respect is a both direction thing:
after I stopped the camera she started (behind my back) to discriminate me on my Dutch citizenship. A very proffesional and neutral aditude for police.

So no, it was’nt about a parking ticket. I’m older than that.
But still I wonder what happened to who.

As I am swiss, I clearly understood what the police woman said in her report. She asked you very politely to stop filming the accident. The film prooves that you simply ignored her.

Having respect for another human being who had an accident and helping him (though I don’t know whether your claim of alcohol being involved is true at all) is something that has a long history and is important here in Switzerland. Sidenote: 100 years back the ‘red cross’ was founded in Switzerland.

I find, that calling the police woman a bitch for stopping an action that shows bad taste in swiss sense is way over the top!

If I am in a foreign country, I try to understand the locals and give my best not to offend them.

I sure did! But if she said in her report she asked it polite, then she lied twice. Grammer-wise it was a command, and not in a polite tone. And if I would touch her the way she did, the situation for sure would have escalated.
But after I walked away she said to a bystander -she asumed to be Dutch-:
“Hollander? [confirmed. Followed by her not friendly targeted] Godverdomme!”.
Just like the person she addressed her frustrations to, I’d say that’s 5 reasons why she is not suitable for any police job.

But for me, the main reason I called her bitch, is because she censored me. I verified with 3 other pro journalists in Swiss, and the rules are just like in civilized countries: I am allowed to film everything. Even if it was a militairy operation. Even if there was only 1 single victom bleeding till dead. But I’m not allowed to publish the victom faces recognizable.
Now as you already saw; I told her I was not going to.

Even if there were 3,000 victoms and the law allows me, I would not publish anyones face. And usually I’m even more carefull at publishing faces of police and alike to. Cause as matter of fact sometimes I work for a photograper for police and firebrigade. I’ve entered many scenes in uniform. Besides that I’m regular in touch with SWAT and RIOT police, special forces of army, special forces of navy, even with the higest top security bodyguards of the country, discussing media issues. I’ve got experience and knowledge of what can and can’t be published. Still I’ve been stopped 3x times for filming, even arrested. And at all times released before charged, all for the same reason: Filming is legal. And cops don’t make the law, they only should enforce it.

Too bad. I think something else was over the top: enforcing non-existant laws. Or premature acusing me of something I did not do, and was not planning to do.

Or maybe I misunderstoot your perspective when you said “over the top”.
Anyay; I’d like to sincerely apologize to all dogs (especially Saint Bernards of the red cross).

Aha. I don’t. And I’m happy there is press (for example in Russia) that doesn’t mind to offend locals.

But just pure (off-topic) curiousity; I wonder…
if you are in Turkey, and a man in front of you hits his wife in public, and smiles to you while enjoying his dominant position he was given by national law…
…would you return his smile to not offend him?
Would your opinion on him be a variant for ‘bitch’?
If so, do you think even the human rights allow you to have and express that opinion in informal media like a internet-newsgroup?