Unicon21 carpool

Hello all! I am planning to attend unicon21 in Minnesota but I am still trying to figure out the logistcs. There is only one car between my girlfriend and I and if she comes with, we’re not staying long! So I’m wondering if anyone here will be passing through the Chicago area and open to carpooling? Reasons to consider:

-I can of course offer gas money
-I travel light and will be bringing a backpack and 1 unicycle (OK, maybe 2)
-I am a licensed barber and can offer free haircuts and/or shaves to everyone in the car, we can get to the con looking fresh!
-I have a large collection of camping gear and can offer tents, sleeping pads and bags, etc.
-I’m a semi-pro backyard mechanic and can help with any car needs along the way! Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested, thanks!

Not sure if this is allowed here but you can see more about me on my insta @_razor_rob