Unicon17 - RoadRacing

Part 1:
Nora riding “10k unlimited”, the complete race (ca. 23 minutes, un-cut!)

I might post some cut-and-edited videofootage from our marathonraces too later, if it is of common interest.

Congratulations to Nora! :slight_smile:

Good riding, which heat it was?
And cut version would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Great ride. She, uh, doesn’t get passed much. Wow.

Loved the video, the one thing that grinds my gears about it is seeing all the pedestrians crossing slow as anything in front of the riders. I know there’s not much can be done to prevent this, but when I’m pushing 30km/h on a unicycle (which I TOTALLY do often…) the last thing on my mind is ‘I know, I’ll just swerve sideways to avoid this slow walker…’

Very slick production, and a heck of a ride by Nora. I noticed that her heartrate stayed above 200 bpm all the way through the 2nd half of the race. Oh to be young and gifted, but that’s a very well measured effort. (And it ramps up noticeably when she has someone to pass in her sights…)

Thanks, I enjoyed that.

Very cool video, thanks for posting. I was surprised to see afterwards in the notes that she was riding a geared 29r. I was thinking it was a 36r all the way through. She keeps up a great cadence the whole way. It was great when she caught up to and passed the leader, then started lapping the slower riders. Congratulations!

@vookash, it was the second heat.
@LanceB, yes, G29, but according to the “footspeedhypothesis”, a G29 with 125mm crankarms pretty much equal a 36" with 100mm crankarms. The equipment should be exact the same as can be seen here and here.

Part 2:
Riding on the F1 track “Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve”:
“Marathon unlimited, from the saddle” (ca 15 minutes)

woah! :astonished: …that is seriously cool! heh…nice job avoiding that fat guy! hahahaha :smiley:

Wow… breathless even from watching :astonished:
Thanks for sharing

thanks for sharing the video
can you explain or link how you add speed/kad/hr on the video ?

I use the software “DashWare” to get the gauges.

Actually, the whole process, as I do it, look something like described in this thread. (At low cost, but it take some time…)


Roughly 17 mph average and top speeds of 19!

That’s awesome!

I’m a beginner on a regular 29 with 150’s and this makes me question my goal of eventually purchasing a 36er.

And yes, that red line heart rate is impressive.

Part 3

I had some difficulties with the equipment on this part. Missing the heartbeat, gopro’s out of power, I-Phone recording limited to 30fps, and so on…
Well, this is the last part, 11 minutes, where Nora is riding marathon on the race track.

Does anyone else think they should put those poles they had at the starting grid near red lights on the road? Would make commuting easier :wink:

Nora is an insanely fast rider, is she ever going to ride a G36, or just get even faster on the 29? Both would be awesome to see!

Those two-wheeled riders on the race track… Was the track open to the public? Or are they part of Unicon, filming or something?

Great video. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.
The unicyclist on the 24" (or is a 26") isn’t half giving it some welly :astonished: