Unicon16 New Logo

Dear Unicyclists

We would like to present our new Unicon16 Logo to you.

This Logo should represent:

  • all the different disciplines we will host at Unicon16.
  • all the different styles and ideas of unicycling.
  • all nations and cultures that will meet at one Place.

The colours will also lead you through our Unicon16 Area.
By following a light blue arrow you will find our Stadium, when you follow the orange arrows you will find the uni-hockey and the uni-basket gym and so on.

We will use this colours a lot to make it easier for you to find informations regarding the different disciplines.

Take your time to get used to the colours it will help you during Unicon16 for sure.

I really love this logo. It expresses the idea of gathering all unicyclists round in one place.
Hope that it will be possible to get T-shirts with it :slight_smile:

I like the idea. It looks like the green girl is falling toward the bottom of the screen because she is upside down. Maybe if she wasn’t right at the bottom it would look more like a jump…


Nice! It really looks amazing!

I think it’s really nice. I also noticed how the rider at the bottom is falling away from “the world”, but that works fine for me. Flat riders can’t fall off the world, because their world is flat! :slight_smile:

If you were looking for design critiques, here’s a few that you can use or ignore:

  • The Long Distance rider needs a handlebar added
  • The Offroad rider looks like he’s doing Trials, but Trials isn’t offroad so I think it’s all good
  • The Track rider doesn’t need a helmet (not to start a debate here) :slight_smile:
  • The Freestyle rider can be positioned higher on the unicycle, so she looks like she’s doing stand-up skills

Can’t wait to see it all in person!

Nice logo, I like the “unite all” aspect.

The other riders in the separate pictures can be positioned a bit lower on the unicycle, so that their feet are at equal distance to the wheel centre, suggesting they are on the pedals. I can understand that in the combined picture, they are all higher up, since they would otherwise overlap and make a mess in the middle.