UNICON16 live at UTV

Expected in the next hour; live video from UNICON16 from Brixen Italy, at:

Right now there is no signal yet, but probably in about one hour.
Anyway we’ll work hard to get the junior-expert pairs and and expert pairs on, which will be this evening (local time).

Do you think Unicon will be live for trials??

I hate this i was at work :frowning:

Not sure, but likely. Otherwise you really should look forward for the DVD, which will be better than ever before.

Argh the time difference it soo annoying :angry: 6 hours ahead is the worst possible difference. If most events happen from 10am-4pm then for me thats 4am-10am. Anybody know a way around this like recording it or something?

where will you be able to get the dvd?

download please !!!

where do i download it?

Hey wait a minute, we’re only half the event, many things still have to happen. And after that we need a good period to arrange footage and edit it. But we’ll try our very best to get something realized and released before christmas, so you can put it on your wishlist. It’s undecided wether there will be a digital download.

It will be announced at unicon16.it & unicycle.tv and unicyclist.com & unicyclist.org, so kind of impossible to miss. Special reporter Jess Riegel is all over all places, making reports and small interviews. And the most important events/catagories are captured in HQ. So be on the lookout for it.

Alright, I finally get to watch some live Unicycling! This is awesome!

sweet, thanks

Just watched it a bit. First thing I saw a girl doing stand up coasting, then taking her foot in splits (up to her head) and then doing the same thing with the other foot straight away. But then I saw a cheezy freestyle routine as we are used when it’s none-Japanese people so I stopped watching.

Tomorrow afternoon, there are the trials finals and some freestyle at the same time. Let’s hope the stream will feature the former… :roll_eyes:

The feed is live right now from the Trials area!! No riding yet, but they are working on the obstacles.

Yesssss, trials

i know this is stupid but how dose the scoring work for trials

If I remember correctly, you get one point for clearing each “station” (line of obstacles). You can make as many attempts as you want for each station. The person with the most points at the end wins.

You have a certain amount of time (1 hour I think). You clear as many sections as you can in this time. You have as many tries as you want on each section. Most sections at the end wins :slight_smile:

Looked like Max Schulze won 2 categories. I couldn’t understand much of what the announcer was saying, though (audio isn’t that good).

He won his age category and overall expert for trials.