Unicon16 Flatland Final Battles

Hey yo guys, I’m uploading all unedited flatland battles I filmed at Unicon.

Here are the quarterfinals. I’ll post the other battles as soon as I can upload them


Krisz Kovacs vs. Christian Brink

Damien Dyonne vs. Ludwig Felhofer

Adrien Delecroix vs. Daniel Adelander

Josef Sjönneby vs. Elias Pöham


Krisz Kovacs vs. Ludwig Felhofer

Adrien Delecroix vs. Josef Sjönneby

Pause the battle of Josef vs. Adrien before the final trick and tell me who you think won.

Uuhmmm… :thinking: I thought final trick was supposed to be a small portion of the judging, not 100% of the choice.

Panda, I had the same impression when I watched the battle live. But then Adrien did his super trick and the things became not so clear. It’s always harder to beat the master.

Unicon16 Flatland 3rd-4th place Final

Ludwig Felhofer vs. Josef Sjönneby

Final trick is supposed to be worth maybe 1/6th of the score… It SHOULD NOT be a complete game changer. Josef absolutely killed it, no doubt, throughout the entire battle. Great style, awesome creativity, huge consistency…

Edit: That’s why I think final trick should be completely eliminated from the entire system. It ruins the point of battles…

Agreed that Ludwig deserved more. There is deference toward “big names” in the real Olympics, I guess that can happen at Unicon as well. (I personally liked Christian over Krisz in the quarterfinals as well, but i guess averybody has his/her own ideas)

Question: why do so many riders use non-square frames for flat? Ok you are marginally less likely to hit the frame with your knees, but you cannot do any standup / coasting tricks (the way Ludwig does for instance).

On paper, last trick looks almost insignificant. In practice though, even though it’s only worth 1/8 of the total score, there can be a much greater difference in the points awarded for last trick than in other categories. The categories are: Variety/Combos 15, Difficulty 10, Consistency 10, Last Trick 5. In these very high level battles, both riders are going to have high scores in most categories. For example, even if one rider’s tricks are more difficult, it’s the difference between a lot of amazing tricks vs a lot of slightly-less-amazing tricks which is maybe 9/10 points vs 8/10 points. In contrast, the difference between a seatwhip and no landed trick for last trick can be 5/5 points vs 0/5 points. Personally I’m going to propose to the IUF that more total points be added, to mitigate the impact of last trick.

I think you mean Josef, not Ludwig :stuck_out_tongue: A lot of people use round crown frames because they don’t use a lot of wheelwalk/coasting variations, and they are a lot nicer on the knees.

what do you mean by nicer on the knees? you meant to the 90 on tire on knees is less risky with the round frame or is it somehow reducing pressure while jumping?

Neither. A common problem with flat riding is bashing your knees on the pointed corners of the frame while doing unispins or flip tricks. Using a roundcrown frame eliminates the problem entirely.

Last trick has got to go, I’d say. It’s for the good of the competition.

We want the final! :slight_smile:

i think final trick should stay because it gives the riders a chance of going for tricks they dont want to risk doing in the run. a chance of doing the crazy,big stuff theyre not consistant enough to do in the run

I agree, but if it does stay, if the judges actually use the point system, it shouldn’t be a problem.


where’s the final?

I’ll post it asap!

thanks, no rush i was just wondering if you even had it but i guess you do

bravo f3d3 :wink:

i’m really waiting for a super slowmotion of krisz’s last trick, do you think it’s possible??? pls…

or has anyone posted it allready???

I’m uploading it on Youtube right now, it’ll take about 4-5 hours :wink:

Unfortunately my camera died after 7 hours of filming, so I didn’t film final tricks with my main camera. I filmed Krisz’s last trick with my mobile and I’ll upload it tomorrow. Unfortunately I don’t have Adrien’s last trick.

@Sandy, I filmed it with my mobile so it’s not a good footage. It’s hard to do a slowmo with a 24 fps video. I’ll try to see what I can do :wink:

Is it?

That is! But I don’t think it is by default.

If I had to flip the coin, it would be the same as yours. But remember this is collectively decided, by a decent panel of judges (whos’ vote is confidential - so should be fair). In my opinion there was a good weight of expertise / flatland knowledge observing here.
For me Josef’s riding was a positive surprise, your description is accurate. So I hope he realize he must have been very close to a place in the finals (and for sure he deserved that also).
But still the difference was not enough to make the judges come to a unanimous decision. But I’m sure his star is rising.
I’m curious if he himself thinks the podium would have been different if that final battle was between 3 people…!
Regardless of the color of the metal; his riding was memorable.

That I do not entirely agree on; besides making the battles more attractive to watch, and adding to atmosphere(!), I think it also stimulates riders to try to show something extra. I realize that this “attractive to watch” part is not considered important by every competitor, but I do. Not that I’m afraid it will become as boring as standard skills, but if you’re hoping for external sponsors to hop in, then realize that in that case the sport needs spectators. Also in case you want these riders to be seen by a big live audience, in stead of on youtube.