UNICON13 results?

Does anyone know how UNICON’s going? I heard Xav won the street so I guess that’s no big surprise to anyone!

Which other well known riders made it to Switzerland?

Have there been any new world records?

Is there any other news from the street or trials riders? Any good bails caught on camera?? :stuck_out_tongue:

ive been wanting to know the results too but havent really found out anything.

some guy was going for a standard skills routine with a base score of 305.6, which is very impressive considering the maximum possible score is about 318.

what “other news”? i havent heard any to begin w/

Lets not forget, everything from the gym is being broadcasted live on unicycle.tv, has anybody watched any of it yet?

Ryan Atkins is over there. He set a new world record for sidehop height… 98cm! He was going for a metre, but meh, 2cm off…

There have not been any live telecasts from UNICON XIII. Leo announced in one of his recorded reports that the video capture card that was needed to make the live broadcasts work had failed and the replacement was not compatible. In a post, he said that he had decided to concentrate on recording events for the DVD that he plans on selling rather than spending any more time trying to get the live broadcasts working.

Truthfully, I really don’t care alot about seeing everything that goes on in the gym-sure, it’s interesting, but you can only watch so much freestyle…Of course, I’ll watch it all anyway. :slight_smile:

Gosh, I like the freestyle section! Not that I’ve ever seen any UNICON (what’s it stand for?) but I’ve seen freestyle and I never get tired of it!

UNICON is a mix of unicycle and convention, I read that in the uni magazine.

That is correct: UNICON is shorthand for UNIcycle CONvention. UNICON is the world championships and convention event sanctioned by the International Unicycling Federation, Incorporated, a not for profit group dedicated to promoting unicycling as a sport. A UNICON is held every two years. Local organizing committees organize and run the UNICON events with help from IUF officers and volunteers from throughout the world. It is similar to how the Olympic movement works, but on a much smaller (and, as in the Olympics of old, completely amateur) scale.

UNICON XIII is being held right now in Langenthal, Switzerland. UNICON XIV is scheduled to be held July 26 through August 4, 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark. UNICON XV is currently being planned for Darwin, Australia in 2010.

Tom Daniels
Secretary / Treasurer
International Unicycling Federation, Incorporated

Was referring to Xav winning street.

Some of the UNICON XIII results are available here:

I update this page as soon as I get data from the organizers of the different competitions. I hope, that I get the Freestyle data today.

track coasting - daiki izumida - 154.10m

god damm thats freakin huge for flat ground

:astonished: What!?!? He coasted 154 metres??

Coasting, 15UpM - Finale

Datum: 25.07.2006
Anzahl der Teilnehmer: 29 Gerätegewicht: 0 g
Rg. StNr. Name Verein Ergebnis

1 68 Daiki Izumida Japan 154.10 m
2 131 David Dierkes Germany 150.20 m
3 180 Christopher Hartel Germany 141.00 m
4 250 Felix Dietze Germany 114.10 m
5 958 Knut Steffens Germany 97.75 m
6 195 Thim Holme Denmark 95.20 m
7 164 Thorsten Schanz Germany 93.40 m
8 331 Josué Barreto Puerto Rico 89.75 m
9 860 Joachim Ciocca Switzerland 80.88 m
10 601 Manfred Hartung Germany 76.46 m

that could be a new record, on IUF site it says the record is 143.55m.

You can only watch so much modern day street. Three words: crank flip spam. Old school street was more interesting, although there are some riders taking it in a nice direction like Xav.

Anyway, that is some great flat land coasting distances… also some top performances by Germany.

One of the podcasts indicated that there were over 600 competitors for this event. It is nice they have the postings online for the track and field events. However, other than the video of Amy and Ryan’s beautiful riding and some pairs snippets in TV video, I’ve found very little on-line information about the artistic/freestyle results for UNICON XIII. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places.

My wife and sons (11 year old Alex and 13 year old Paul) are at UNICON. I was very happy to hear via phone call that Alex took first place in his age group for individual freestyle and Paul was second in Individual Freestyle, and 3rd in artistic pairs. They had worked very hard on creating and practicing their routines and it was nice to hear they did well in that competition.

It was very hot during the beginning of the week and has cooled somewhat during the last few days. Maybe our boys will not take US air conditioning for granted when they return. Tuesday is a banquet and is also a national holiday. Stores will be closed and buses run very limited schedules.

The racing / field results are available immediately upon conclusion of the events. The local organizing committee have control of the racing / field results. Therefore, the racing / field results are available for almost immediate posting.

The atistic results usually require a great deal of post processing. They typically remain under the control of the Artistic Director / Chief Judge until the conclusion of UNICON ( or NAUCC).

Its great to see some Aussies up there.

Yay!! GO AUSSIE!!!

The 2nd in high jump: me :smiley:
91cm rolling hop and xavier jumped 90cm.

It was a great Unicon and there is also a new world record in 100m: seisuke kobayashi from japan with 12.54