Unicon13 Photos

Mine are online:


If you want to upload yours on that page, contact felix (felixdietze<at>aol.com or icq 121326494) and he’ll give you the ftp-data.

Tell everyone and upload lots of pictures!


looks like a lot of fun!

a few comments/questions:
-what is that meat on the stick?
-thats cool that you were able to see yoggi unicycling in person
-those brown unicon t-shirts are really neat, is there a way to get one other than having been there?
-it seems like there was a constant party

Is it just me, or does that album have virtually nothing to do with unicycling? =P

yeah… that had just about nothing to do with unicycling

i think in that album there was about 4 pictures with people holding unicycles

Thats a good idea of the whole unicon :wink:

A few snaps here:


She said Unicon pics, not necesarily unicycling pictures :stuck_out_tongue:

ya know, unicon DOES have to do with unis

Yes, but it’s by far not we spent most of our time doing when we were there. I can ride at home, if that’s all i wanted to do there would have been no point in going, it’s all about the people.


lots of pictures from the danes and more will be uploadet soon:)

i taked photos too you can find them here http://bobousse.no-ip.org/monocycle/unicon-XIII/

Great pics!

I didnt take any, coz im lazy :slight_smile:

Anyways, great to see so many pictures… ah, hardly any riding, and loads of partying - perfect :smiley:


I haven’t been riding at all during the entire event.

Every time i saw you, you were behind a camera haha.

What was the footage like? Are you making a DVD?

Depending on the circumstances it was recorded. I just captured 1/3 from tape to computer, and most of the time I think “wow!”.

Yes, check out uniconnews.com in a couple of weeks. Most likely it may become a double DVD, but for sure it will be affordable. So you can put it on your christmass wishlist.

Gilby needs to clean up his harddrive a bit more, that error message is common when there’s not enough diskspace.

For those of you wondering where all the unicycling photos are, be patient, because you´re probably going to see more than you want! John Foss, Mike Penton, and Bill Gilbertson were at pretty much every event snapping away 10 megapixel shots with their machine guns. I also was able to take some photos at most of the events I watched or participated in.

Right now I´m in Barcelona with Jeff G, Kevin M, Yoggi, and as of last night Justin Kohse too. I sprained my ankle 2 meters from the finishline during downhill muni, so I´m trying to recover from that while sneaking in a little bit of riding. Boy, those 4 symesters of Spanish back in high school are really paying off and my knowledge of the language has improved about 500% in the 3 days we´ve been here. Okay, I think I´m rambling now…

I´ll post my massive photo collection and a video that will include all the crazy movies taken from my digital camera when I get back home in 10 days. For now, it´s time to sink my teeth into more of Europe! Oh yeah, and all you unicon junkies, I r e a l l y miss you!


p.s. Ryan Atkins? Yo, that man´s a fooool !!!

He’s also partly bald. Along with me, and roughly 10 or so english people :stuck_out_tongue:
Damn those french drinking games…

yeah i think you’re speaking of the “chpogne” i’m one of the french people from nantes who played this game and who will play this game for a long long time…
i really liked the people i met during the unicon and i wish that i could go in the next unicon in dk