UNICON13 and geared unicycle

I posted a question on the unicon13 forums: are geared unicycles accepted on 10 and 42 km races?
the official answer is yes…
But I have conflicting answers … that’s why I ask the question again on this forum.

You can. You would be in the unlimited category.

Gilby’s short answer is correct, based on the answer I read to the question you posted on the UNICON XXIII message board.

The longer answer is that decisions for events not specifically required in the governing edition of the IUF rule book are made by the event organizers (i.e., the local organizing committee). They are not required to get the approval of the IUF Rules Committee and / or the Board of Directors for such decisions.

I’ve done it twice without getting arrested.

Unlimited is the best class. the best machines and the more chilled out riders are all in unlimited.
Unlimited in three unicon 10ks

The next edition of the IUF Rulebook will address the existence of geared hubs in the definition of “standard unicycle.” In other words, it will not be considered a standard unicycle for races where only those are allowed.

But I imagine your question has already been answered in terms of 10 and 42k races. Both of those should have an unlimited category, which is where your cycle will fit.

Also, as Tom Daniels mentioned, if the hosts add other races (anything other than what is covered in the IUF Rulebook), they can allow whatever types of unicycles they choose.

Sarah, you forgot the best thing about the unlimited class: if you enter unlimited you save riding 10km on a 24" cycle with long cranks! It should be a very interesting race next summer. See you there.