whose going to unicon? especially the brits… im considering it, but id like to know what everyone else is doing…
or i might just stay at home and put together a display team for NASS and the urban games…

Hey North,

I will be going to Unicon this year!

Other people who i know are going is Roger, Rocket, Sarah & Paul, Pete, Barry and Alan. Im sure there are lots more who i have forgotten.

You should come!

I’m quite tempted to go to NASS… Ben told me about it a while back, it’s only 15 minutes down the road from here.

There’s a trials course, after all! How could I not jump at the chance to painfully injure my legs again…

It’d be cool to have a unicycling contingent spreading the cause! :slight_smile:


the Uk bunch going to unicon are staying at the unicon accomadation for the 10 days of the comp. Some people are going out early, some are staying out after the event, some are going else where in the far east after yje event. I am only there for the 10 days, can’t aford more. Flights seem to be from 600 quid return unles you go with areoflot or air turkey who are a little cheaper.
Going by previous unicons the internationals will invent a social scene where ever they are and will probadly spend many late nights sampling the local beers and talking unis, resulting in the japanesse and chinnesse kids being the only ones awake in the mornings so they win all the races.
The rest of us will surface to play hockey or ride muni/trials in the afternoons. Or some thing like that.
Be good to have you on the team.