Hi everybody (registred in XC/Muni race on UNICON XVI), please write here something about your gear. For example wheel size, crank length, geared/no geared, how long you ride, trips in km. Thank you and see you in Brixen next year! :wink:
24"x3", 150mm, no geared, about one year, usually 30 - 50km in forrest and roads
competitions: uphill, downhill, downhill with obstacles, xc :roll_eyes:

You should check the program! Muni XC and Downhill with obstacles(What is this?) is at the same time!

24"x3", 137mm, un-geared, 2-3 years (?).

Competitions: uphill, downhill, xc, I’m highly interested in the downhill with obsaces but I’m not completly sure what it is.

I think it’s slopestyle, like at Elsbet ( http://www.youtube.com/user/uniraphi#p/u/5/qkqZzAknlNI )

Isn’t it possible to ride both MUni XC and obstacles? :open_mouth:

Muni with obstacles is slopestyle :sunglasses:

they are trying to change the name of it. I recommend doing it if you are comfortable on a big wheel and like do jumps and stuff. Elsbet was a blast with the setup!!

If I have to choose between MUni xc or slopestyle, I will take the slopestyle!! The stuff at Elsbet looked really cool! It wouls be so much fun to try something similar!

It’s a really hard choice… Slopestyle looks awesome, but XC Muni is awesome too, but I dont know if the XC will be as good as it is here. I still have plenty on time to decide :slight_smile:

Muni XC


You can do both Muni disciplines XC and Muni-obstacles.

Obstacles will be a mix of ramps and wooden bridges and other obstacles down a hill. It will not be about time and great fun.

The Cross Country will be nice and shows you all kind of terrain. 24" will be fun to ride. as there is steep ups and lots of rocks and roots on you way.

As soon as we have finalized the track we will publish it on our website www.unicon16.it

I’ll be racing in the XC at Unicon XVI. I placed 5th overall at the last UNICON XC and was pretty happy with my result. I’m aiming to place in the top 3 at Italy. At the moment I ride a geared 24x3 with maggies, custom handle, and 125mm cranks. In Italy I will be riding a G26 with 2.4 tyre, 137mm cranks, disc brake, and custom handle.

I am more of an enduro XC rider though- with my best performances in races between 50-100km- so the 10-15km race (I hope it is at least that long) is more of a sprint event for me so I’m changing up my training regime. There is 2000m of elevation gain between Brixen and Plose so I hope the organisers are putting together a challenging course with lots of climbs, technical descents and gut busting single track.

A lot of people complained about the course in Wellington- that it was too hard, too much climbing etc but I think it is important that the boundaries of the sport are pushed at events like the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS- otherwise it will loose its legitimacy with passionate sections of the unicycling community. Already events like the EUC are feeding off unsatisfied riding groups (street, flat) and it could happen to Muni too if the UNICON organisers keep catering to the lowest common denominator.


Thank you for this topic :slight_smile: It reminded me to finish my registration and I was lucky enough to pay today as it is the last day to get it cheaper :slight_smile:

Can’t wait till Muni with you guys. I’ll be probably somewhere back, but it will be my first real race with other unicyclist so I’m excited just to take part.
I’ll be riding my 29x2.2" with 135mm cranks and disc brake as I don’t have anything else suitable for muni.

i’m not registrated now, but i’ll come for sure, probably not participating any races but doing some real nice muni rides with you guys!

slopestyle: i organized the first uni slopestyle at elsbet, thanks jacob for your positive feedback. i think it was a great competition for the riders but also for the folks to watch. now as we know how it works we could make it even better, you’ll see at elsbet 2013! i’m really proud that there will be a copetitiom at unicon like our slopestyle.

by the way: next week i’ll stay at Brixen with my family… will leave the muni at home… probably. :slight_smile:

So good to hear! :smiley: How is the Slopetyle going to be judged? Is it the tricks that count, since it’s not the time? If so I’m going to look even more forward to it :smiley:

slopestyle: at elsbet the tricks counted, but also the landings, the flow and how you used the course

I will also be at unicon and will be competing at all the muni races not to mention all the fun rides. I agree with Napalm that the courses for everything should be up to par for a world championship. I think last unicons xc was a great track as it had a bit of everything but it should have been 4, 5 or 6 laps instead of 3. I love single track but hope there are some double tracks throughout for passing as there is nothing worse than being stuck behind someone for miles not being able to pass.

The downhill was changed last minute from a very challenging course to an easy one someone even did it on a 20" freestyle. Still don’t know why it was changed.

Once the courses are set it would be great if an organizer could recommend what they think a good muni set up would be. I have a 24", 26", 29" and hope to have a schlumpf in one of those by the end of the year. I would love to bring all of them but will only able to bring one so I’d love to start training on the one I’m bringing as soon as possible. So any recommendations would be greatly apprciated (ie if you had to guess what muni setup would win xc, dh and up what would you place your bets on?).

And Mark we should enter some more bike races together to help train. Let me know of any you’ll be at and I’ll see if I can make it too.

I’d love to have had a 2-3hr race too, but we had to strike a balance between the needs of our top riders, our organisational capability and and the various groups that attend UNICON. Yes, it is a world championship, and that is why I pushed for a long(er) XC course. The UNICON XV XC was at least 5-6x longer than previous versions.

I really hope to see an XC race that was 2-3x longer still, because that would bring us in line with what people actually do when they go for a MUni ride (you don’t drive to your favourite trail and ride for 10min), and more in line with other endurance sports like mountainbiking.

Also, something considered but was not feasible is a 24hr MUni race at Unicon. I think that is the next step- doing a teams race, or the option of doing it solo.

There is the 100km race in Unicon 16, but I think it’s a road race.

I’ll have to join you and Mark for another mountainbike race sometime.

MTB Race

If you’re interested in doing some mtb races, how about the Highland Fling. it’s on in November (56km or 112km)
I’m booked in and will be there and it would be great to have some other unicyclists there as well. It’s a great event, and they are really welcoming of Unicyclists. Mark’s done the 112 before.

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I did the 112km Highland Fling with mark last year and had a blast. Would love to do it again but don’t want to do it again unless I have a Schlumpf (hopefully soon) and I had a knee injury so I haven’t been able to ride for the last month and would be way out of shape to try and do it in a few weeks. But I wish you luck. Send me a PM if you enter other races in the future and I’ll try to join ya. This goes for Mark and Ken too!
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GizmoDuck, I hope you didn’t think I was bashing the last MUni events at Unicon cause I did think they were great…just could have been a bit better and I understand that you had limits. One problem with doing a long 2-3 hr race is that the slowest riders might take 6-7 hours which would be a pain in the neck. The best way to avoid this is to do a multiple lap course and have a time limit, say 3 hours so basically you do as many laps as you can in 3 hours, and then the winners are whoever does it in the most number laps with the shortest time. Can’t remember if you had a cut off time…but I know people could chose to do only 1 or 2 laps if they wanted.

PS. A 24 hour race would be awesome…even though I have yet to do one I’d love to give it a go some time.

I wholeheartedly agree with you Mark! It is a joke to expect to turn up to the World Champs and expect to ride the muni course on a 20" freestyle unicycle, with no hills and be finished in less than 10 minutes! I sure hope that the courses set for UNICON XVI improve upon those in Wellington.

that’s awesome. I didn’t realize you had done the 112 as well. You guys rock. I’m just working at improving my race pace atm to try and bring my ride times down for MTB races.
PS. Where in Sydney do you ride, I’m in the blue mountains. I’m hoping to go down and do some rides with Napalm at some stage but would also love to meet up with some more riders around Sydney for some Muni rides. Ther are a few of us here at the moment
As far as doing a 24 hour race is concerned it’d be a blast.
Ive done a 6 by 6 which was fun except the temperature went over 46c (Nearly 115f) during the day at the top of the course with no wind. It was brutal. A 12 hour race could also be a good try out for it.

hey guys- I’m looking at planning a weekend of sweet XC and All mountain unicycling here in Canberra before I move at the end of the year. It would be great to have you all come check it out. I’ll make another thread with the details and stop this threadjack,