Unicon xv

I finally got around to finishing my unicon video after several months of procrastination.

I hope you enjoy it. Please comment.

Could you upload it to youtube? It’s gonna take like an hour to load on vimeo.


I’m just loading it onto youtube now. I’ll post the link once it’s done.

omg muzzle got seriously owned in the gliding!

this video was so nice! :’(

Thanks Isaac.

Here is youtube, but the sound is stuffed up (it’s playing at about 4x speed, i guess youtube doesn’t like my sound encodation)


Nice! Liked the muni and the 12’’ unicycle stuff

youtube with the sound going properly


I miss it so much… Best time of my life

awsome video loved it…

thanks guys

god, i wanna go to one of these so bad.

awesome vid.

what happened to the dudes hand who was gliding at the beginning?

i miss that 12"

cool vid, enjoyed seeing what goes on at unicon.