Unicon xv

Very cool video. Makes me jealous that I was not able to be there. You put together some awesome shots of some fantastic tricks, thanks for that enjoyed it !!! :slight_smile:

Yeah the muni at 1:30 was Mark Lavis, australia. He did amazing on that section, nice Mark :). I’ll have to buy a brake after seeing that. Awesome filming on that as well Max. Vid’s looking great.

I’m quite sure that 2:35 is david maillard and gilles saudan, winners of expert pair freestyle

BTW: Sick vid!

Yeah I do have a lot more footage. This is just a shortened edit for my high school talent show. I will make a longer video with an event by event or day by day format. I know it wasn’t Adrien Lichtfouse because you can see him and Patrick sitting down on the stairs later in that clip. It was one of your friends Mike.
Thanks for the name of the downhiller, but i still need the Japanese girls and the swiss guys. i know the swiss guys didn’t get first place: those were the strippers who got that.

It was Duncan Matheson ! Can’t wait for full video :smiley:

No, no. Their names are Thomas… and… someone ahaha. I would love to see their routine again.

David and Gilles won the last unicons pairs freestyle.

yea it must’ve been, im pretty sure i filmed there some other time so yea the clip max used there wasnt me

freestyle strippers who won were david maillard and gilles saudan

Yeah that is me (Mark Lavis- Australia) in the downhill. The chumps that were running the DH refused to post my time on the original and proper DH course- the section that max filmed- because i cocked up my run on the shitty one and didn’t end up in the top 15…pfft. I’ll leave that rant for another thread. Nice video though max- looks slick! If you want to put results next to names then my best was 5th overall in the XC.


Very nice video Max! Thanks for sharing. Also, congrats on trails world champ. The US didn’t take home many golds so thanks for helping to bring home the gold!

Very impressive Riding Max. I really liked the wall plant 360 thing. Good to have you back in town though.

Awesome. I am pumped to see your full TR video.

was that the whole “proper DH course” or not if not is there a video of it

the shot in max’s video is just one section of the proper DH course. Not sure if there is a video of the whole run (the original and revised course both shared the same beginning but then changed course about 1/3rd of the way down.)

cool thanks

The swiss guys were Thomas and Basile. Best routine I’ve ever seen (but I havn’t seen a lot).

Cool vid, but there was no footage of the street comp. :frowning:


I don’t have as much good footage of the street comp but hopefully I’ll get it out there eventually.

Here is the final updated higher quality version of the video:


I’m waiting for this :sunglasses:

I like the length of the new version. That’s all I can say for now, I am not able to watch it.

dang, for some reason it just put my video for the competition at the beginning . i’ll have to fix that. mike you might have to wait a while cause I’m pretty busy with school and stuff

ok cool