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Please help me by naming unknown people, their countries, and any competitions they won. I will repost the video with the correct stuff.


ahhhhhh soooo good

Ohhh, Max, I really like the rider presentation. Really like the video :slight_smile: Last line was sick!!!

I can’t help for the names, sorry.

EDIT: Forgot to say: LOL @ Phil’s presentation :stuck_out_tongue:

wow wow wow, the two last lines from you were just wow, can’t find a word…

awwww yeah

Awesome Max!

Your lines were just sick! You know, you’re my man! lol

Thanks for making that… I’m already missing those crazy 10 days we had there!

See you soon :smiley: Probably nationals…!

PS: Kilometers, why you made a new account?!?!

Wow, that was so awesome. Max, that last line looked insane.

Miles, please go back to being mornish :slight_smile:

Wow! Awesome riding, Awesome editing, I really liked the trials lines! Max, your awesome!:smiley:

Awww man, that was sooo awesome. Such a sick vid

I love this video. That was awesome, I liked how the names and flags were in the corners :slight_smile: That was just great.

Spencer, please go back to being litldude2 :slight_smile:

Very well done, Max. I wish I could have been there.

Dam Max, love your 360 off the wall and your idea for this video, I wanted to do this with my last NZ nationals video but didnt get the right kinda footage for it

Under peoples names you should put their sponsors ;p

sick video max

twas me whole filmed u in civic square i think. i remember u got a flat and then u ran over the top of me against the pyramid (if that is from when the footage u used, was taken)

i think the unknown muni guy might b Mark Lavis of australia but its hard to tell

phil sanders. geuss where lol

wicked video! cant wait for the finished one

I really wish I had been there. Thanks for giving me a taste of what everyone else that had a chance to experience this got.
The video was pretty cool too.
Sweet lines.

damnnn!!! mike said you flew through the hardest lines. now i know what he was talking about. im definitely coming out to new mexico now.

Max didn’t clear all the lines!?!?!? Pfff, weak ;p

ooooohhhhh yyyyeeeaahhh!!! Get soomee!!!

OMG this is awesome ! I’m sure you had alot more footage though ? you should make the video longer.It was Adrien Lichtfouse that filmed you in civic square