Unicon XV workshops!

We’re just putting together a list of workshops for Unicon. This is the ‘CON’ or convention side of Unicon. It’s a way to share skills, interests or just have fun with other unicyclists.

Workshops can be run by anyone, and it doesn’t have to be Unicycling related. For instance, you may want to organise a trip to one of the local attractions and get a few unicyclists along. So the workshop would basically involve having a meeting place/time and taking responsibility for knowing where to go, how much it costs, maps to get there etc.

Or you might want to show off some skills that are non-unicycling related. For instance, Nathan and Beau Hoover are organising a Disc Golf workshop, and Jamey is doing a Beer Pong workshop.

Let us know if you are interested, and if so, fill in the questionaire on the Unicon website:


Ken Looi
Organising Committee

Some workshop ideas

I’m helping Ken with the workshops. Would like to add that if you like to do something but short of ideas, let us know.

We have some workshop ideas but still looking for people to take them up.
Like bringing people on muni practice, night ride, day trips around wellington. Parents out there: how about organising a mass kids’ ride/outing from one museum to another along the waterfront?

Any maintenance guru out there to teach wheelbulding or the practical aspects of caring for your unicycles?

And we are in need of fun, crazy and wacky workshops too. Like crazy tricks, funky wheels, BC/impossible/ultimate wheels race etc.

Email us and help make the workshops a blast for all participants.

Hui-Fang Ong
on behalf of Unicon XV organising committee