Unicon XV who is going?

I’m looking into going to Unicon XV and right now the only thing that is really holding me back is that I might be going to University that year and I don’t know if I want to screw up my first year at all.

I’m thinking though about lodging and things like that and that I would probably want to visit NZ a bit, and I’m looking to see who else is going to Unicon, and would want to travel around a bit.

Or even who is going, as it is always cool to see who is attending an event like this.

I am planning on going and traveling around a bit as well.

I’m planning on going :stuck_out_tongue:

I shall be there.

eh, it looks like it will end up being at the same time as my junior year midterms, but I’ll be there.

I’m seriously considering attending. I’ve always wanted to visit NZ, and it’d be pretty awesome to spend Xmas & New Year’s there! If I go, it’ll be for two-ish weeks, and I’ll def. want to do some touring… any suggestions?

Nathan, don’t worry about “screwing up” your University attendance. Your first year is the least critical, IMHO… and you’ve got enough advance notice that you should be able to work out an arrangement with your profs / advisors. If you have the resources to do this, then go for it!!!

Ill be there :smiley: I will have to travel REALLY far though

I’m going.

I’ll be there, no doubt. Just a handy 5 hour drive for us.

Can’t wait to meet some of you guys! (Not you Michael :p)

I’ll be finished my degree by then and will probably be looking forwad to a holiday so i don’t see any reason why i won’t be there. I might also stay on for a while so i can check out all the cool muni spots (NZ has mountains that us Aussies can only dream about) so if any locals or visitors want to have a post unicon muni fest then i say we try and get something organised!

~raises hand quicky

I’m planning on going. For me, it’s the farthest land from home except for some small islands which also belong to New Zealand.

I wanna go too, but it all depends on the money…

I’m hoping to make it, though, its a university and money situation for me as well.

It would be amazing to go, I hope to attend, but I don’t know how my parents will go about it, and I will probably have to do about…5 days of busking to get the money which isn’t too bad I guess.
I just think the main thing that would hold me back is PARENTS :angry: It would be so awesome to go…I hope I can somehow someway.

I’m hoping to be there. And will be planning to stay several weeks - lots to see in NZ!


I want to go, but it is REALLY far of my home… :stuck_out_tongue:
Maby unicon XV| :roll_eyes:

I heard rumors about unicon XVI will be in Korea… but thats just a rumor i heard…

From what I heard they are really trying on getting it, they tried for unicon 15, but they didn’t have enough experience and are now trying for 16.

I hope they get it, I would love to go back.

Korea, Italy and Germany (Stuttgart) all want to host unicon 2012 dont know when it will get decided. I hope germany doesnt get it because the people in Stuttgart who wants to host it are the same ones who host unicycle competitions with zero Convention aspect and only members of a special club are allowed to go.

I will go to NZ if everything works well with my study.