Unicon XV Video Competition

Get your best unicycle video clips and send it in to us for the Unicon Video Competition! We will be showing Unicycle Videos on the 4th January at the TSB Arena

More information on the Unicon Website

General Rules

  • Maximum of 10 videos that make it past the board.
  • Length: maximum of 6 minutes
  • To compete, one member of the team which produced the
    video must participate at UNICON XV. The person submitting
    the video must be at Unicon XV (For example, 3 people created the video – only 2 attend.
    One of the 2 must be at Unicon and the name of the person responsible for the video).
  • The video should be new material and should not be released until after Unicon XV.
  • It must be about unicycling, not a commercial video.
  • Offensive movies will not be shown.
  • The candidates guarantee free rights (image) for public projection.
  • There will be a jury doing the rating, NOT the public.

    Judging Criteria – for actual comp
  • Popular vote

Judging Criteria – for board selecting the 10 or fewer vids

  • No offensive movies
  • Original
  • Either really good unicycling or really good theme/plot. Does NOT have to be both, but bonus
    if both good unicycling and good theme/plot.
  • Entertaining

Because it is necessary to restrict the number of movies, a jury will preselect 10 videos among the
candidates. The jury will make the final decision with the selection of the 10 videos to be shown at
Unicon XV. The candidates will have to upload their video with smaller resolution on a website (we
will give you the website address then) but only the jury will be able to watch the videos. For Unicon,
the selected candidates will have to come with a CD or a DVD of their movie in high resolution and
give it to the organisers before the competition. The showing sequence will be a random draw.

It says 4th dec instead of 4th jan on the website.Thought id let you know.Also how do we send them to you ? email,bring a disc with us ?

oh i am so in!!

Fixed. Thanks!

Email Joe Dyson who is the event director for the Video Comp. His email is up on the Unicon XV Video Competition page