Unicon XV Update: Photos now up on website

Hi everyone,

Just another quick update on Unicon XV.

I’ve uploaded some photos of the competition venues on the website: www.uniconxv.co.nz

The accomodation information is also up. We have two backpacker hostels and one hotel who have generously sponsored Unicon. They are very close to all the main Unicon venues, supermarkets and are in the middle of the city. Prices are pretty reasonable.

There is also a forum for discussing Unicon related topics on the NZ Unicycle Federation website: www.unicycle.org.nz

We are aiming to have our registration form up by 1 Jan, so please be patient. Currently sorting out prices for T-shirts, afterparty etc before we can get the registration online.


Ken Looi
UNICON XV Organising Committee

Those pictures look good. Cant wait to be down there and stay as long as possible.
Anyone up for a NZ roadtrip after Unicon?

Great job on the website Ken, those pics are just making me more excited for Unicon. I can’t imagine a better way to spend New Years next year!

Exactly what i’m planning to do! maybe my sister will go with me… Maybe I will spend a week in AUS! Depends of sponsors too… But probably I will spend more than 15 days!

BTW, I saw that we will not have schools in New Zeland to stay. Do you have any ideas of how much we will spend on accomodation?

I’m planning to buy my tickets when I come back from Germany, in febuary, so i can pay in 10 months… I have to know that before buying!



PS: Make a cooler site! why don’t use the last year UNICON site and only change the information… It worked really well!

There is another site being designed, hopefully will be online soon.

We’ll put up a list of events and travel suggestions for before and after Unicon. Plenty of stuff to do in NZ, why would you go to Australia :wink:

As for classrooms, they will not be any cheaper, they will be farther away, and not one of the schools here have adequate facilities for that number of people (showers/kitchen etc). If you look at the two backpacker hostel suggestions…you’ll find the prices fairly reasonable. Generally about NZ$25-30/night at most backpacker hostels in NZ.

Thanks for the fast answer!

The accomodation is a bit more expensive than Denmark, but I think I can afford it!

I want to do some stuff in New Zeland, like going down small mountais on giant air balls and jumping from bridges with elastic ropes :p… But I have a friend living in Australia and I really want to meet him again :wink:

Hopefully I will do both, since may he will go to UNICON too (Just to wtach the events)!

Well, in Febuary I will think about that… but hopefully I will buy my tickets soon :smiley:


Haha zorbing and bungy jumping. Both things invented in New Zealand :D. I haven’t actually done either myself but they look fun.

I did Bungy Jump on a motorcycle, and I must say IT’S AWESOME!

I will try to find the video…

Zorbing looks SO cool, but I never did it… There are both in Welligton?