UNICON XV Update: Only 2 months to go!

Dear Unicyclist,

Greetings from the Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud!

We’re just two months away from Unicon! You’ll hear from us more often now as we bring you up-to-date with the biggest event on the unicycling calendar, and the first Unicon ever held in the Southern Hemisphere.

Registration update
We have 602 registered unicyclists from 21 countries. Our biggest teams are from Germany and Denmark with 103 and 81 registrations respectively. Coming close behind is Japan, with 75 participants.

Registration cut-offs
The next registration payment cut-off is 30 November 2009. The registration price is currently NZ$350, but increases to NZ$500 on 1 Dec 2009. Pay for your registration early to get the lower entry price. You can register and edit your entry until 1 Dec 2009 (whether or not you have paid).

Other registration cut-offs
The deadline for registration for the following events is 14 November at 11:59p New Zealand Time:

· Individual Freestyle, Pairs Freestyle, Group Freestyle, Standard Skill, Street, and Flatland;

· Basketball and Hockey teams;

· Points Racing (100m, 400m, 800m, 50m one-foot, 10m.30m Wheel Walk, Obstacle Course) and Relay Race.

For Basketball and Hockey, to officially register, the team captain needs to send UniconXV an email with the team name and all players.

The other events do not have a deadline but you will assist in our planning if you are signed up for the events where you want to compete.

Opening Ceremony
The parade of unicyclists will take place along the scenic waterfront with panoramic views across the Wellington Harbour. As you enter the Civic Square, you will be greeted with a Powhiri (traditional Maori welcome). Don’t forget to wear your team t-shirts for the opening ceremony.

Competition Updates
Competition venue photos are now up on the Unicon website. Most of the events will be held in the heart of the city. Muni and marathon competitors can also find photos showing part of the course for their race.

Similarly, we have put up course info sheet for 10 km race and marathon on the website. You will be able to check out the course map, route description, and for marathon, the elevation profile of course.

Video Competition
Have you got an awesome, new, original unicycling video to share? Showcase your other talent and take part in the Unicycling Video Competition!

Unicon Workshops
Have a workshop idea? Want to organise an informal rides or day trips? Any wacky unicycling games you like to share other unicyclists? If you would like to host one, or if there’s any particular type of workshop that you really like to take part in, email us at unicon15@gmail.com and we’ll take it from there.

See you in Windy Welly in two months.

Unicon XV organising Committee

Wow, Ken that is going to be an interesting Marathon course with that steep hill. And off-road sections!?

Could you clarify what is meant by a ‘technical descent’ - I’m guessing it doesn’t mean rooty-bumpy drop-offs.

This certainly won’t be a course to set Marathon time records (especially as it’s listed as 43.8km - a full mile longer than a standard Marathon), but it should be a fun (and scary, with steep downhills) race.

Less than two months… :slight_smile:


It doesn’t look like it’s that steep a climb; looks like 140m of climbing in 2.85 km, which is about a 5% average grade. Although the descent looks steep; if the distance chart is right, it does the same altitude change in just 1.25 km. By “technical descent” I assume he means steep and twisty.

Note that there is a discontinuity in the route distance; it goes 6.70, 6.90, 7.15, 7.27, 6.90, 7.00. It looks like the two 6.90 entries are for the same turn, but the others don’t add up.

Yes, on further reflection it’s not that big, I just got scared by the peak in the elevation profile (I should have learned by now that they aren’t as big as they look on graphs).

I just found that I have a nice loop around my local hill, which is very, very similar - 13km, 140m climbing, with ~5% climb and ~10% decent. I’ll have to see how it feels four times over.


Thanks Sam. It’s not a steep course by any means. It’s essentially a flat course with a hill on it.

The ‘technical’ is really only about 100m or so at the bottom of the hill. It’s not that steep but we had some people expressing concerns about it. You can always get off and walk :smiley:

The off-road section is really just a couple of hundred metres of walking track. Did you see the photos on the website?