Unicon XV Trials

the riding is sketchy n the music doesnt fit the song at all but i thought a certain someone would like the song so i used it anyway. dont expect much from this video. the only reason i posted this is cause mike told me to :stuck_out_tongue:

new street video coming soon…

I like. I’m going to also use your video to make some trials lines in my back yard :smiley:

really cool vid! excellent rinding, good editing and great and creative lines (congrats to the builders!)!

Joe Dyson take a bow!

Some great looking lines there!

Nice riding. Agree with Ed, some good lines there.

Wooo, nice line.

1:05 was crazy. The last line was cool too.

I really liked the trials lines, I got some new ideals for a trials course now:) Awesome riding, I can’t wait for UNICON XVI:D


i really want a forklift + 150 or so pallets, haha.

Nice vid. Loved 2:01