UNICON XV Sept Update

Date (generated on) Wednesday 09th September 2009 11:41:54 AM
Number of registrations 575
Competitors 432 (264 male, 168 female)
NON-Competitors 143 (24.9%)

Registrations per Country

Australia 55
Austria / Österreich 5
Brazil 1
Canada 6
Danmark / Denmark 81
Deutschland / Germany 97
France 31
Hong Kong 2
Italy 29
Japan 75
Korea South 38
Liechtenstein 1
Netherlands 1
New Zealand 63
Norway 1
Schweiz / Switzerland 23
Singapore 4
Slovenia 2
Spain 2
United Kingdom 9
United States of America 49

Age Groups
U11 18 (4.2%)
U13 35 (8.1%)
U15 36 (8.3%)
U19 123 (28.5%)
U30 123 (28.5%)
U40 33 (7.6%)
40Up 64 (14.8%)

We’re expecting about 650-700 Unicyclists by close of registrations. If you haven’t ever spent New Year with hundreds of unicyclists…then this is your one and only chance! Make sure you sign up before November.

We also have to provide a public workshop, as well as entertainment to Wellington City as part of the New Years Eve countdown. If you are interested in performing, now’s your chance to entertain thousands of people in the City.

Preforming during New Years Eve!!! AHHH!! That’d be soooo sick!!! We NEEEEEED to either hold the flatland competition then. Or just have some awesome unofficial flat battles. Stack up some pellets, then at 12:00 we’ll get some front flipping goin :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds wicked but no drinking before frontflips, and maybe a backflip from adrien?

Don’t really think drinking is necessary for me.

I’ll be on a natural buzz. I’m sure we all will.

Does anyone know if you dont register whether you will be aloud in the venues? because the extra cost is a bit much for us victorians! :stuck_out_tongue:

Subtract it from what you don’t have to pay to get there this time. :smiley:

just booking flights now. anyone know what day the DH gliding will be?

haha good point, thng is we’ve never been to any unicon before, the only reason we’re going is becasue its on in NZ… so question stands does anyone know if your aloud on in the venues without registering? :stuck_out_tongue:

im not positive but im pretty sure u will need to register as a spectator (free) to get into the venues. if u wana ride in the venues then u need to register as a rider but yea its expensive

You may be allowed in some venues, but not all events and certainly not the big parties that’ll be on every night - although on New Year’s Eve it sounds like you’ll be able to watch the fun, like the rest of the city :slight_smile:

The reason for the fee is to be able to hold the event, and for unicyclists to get the most out of the expensive facilities. Is there a reason you should benefit from that for free, unlike everyone else?

If you want to enjoy the event to the maximum, pay a few measly bucks more. Would you normally travel over a thousand miles to an event just to stand around outside the gates and hear the fun?

Aaaaaaahahaha… Hey, not everyone can afford it alright? Sam’s in the most important years of his life and has better things to pay for. Plus alot of people are too young to have jobs and don’t have their parents support, so I don’t blame those guys.

Party every night? don’t be crazy. The real parties are gonna be private parties held by street/flat riders only :wink:

Traveling over a thousand miles to enjoy the unofficial rides would be enough for me. But hey, don’t worry, I’m paying.

For anyone that won’t be registering, I’ll do my best to make your trip to NZ worth your while.

Hi Doamono,

What people said earlier…we have some great venues and therefore have some even greater bills to pay.

Being a spectator is free, but the spirit of that idea is that we want to encourage people to come and see what unicycling is about. We want people to learn how to unicycle and grow the sport. If you are a unicyclist…you can also spectate for free, but that’s all you can do.

Being a spectator would be like going to Disneyland and peering in the gate to watch people having fun.

Registering as a non-competitor would be like walking around Disneyland eating candyfloss but not going on any of the rides

Come along as a competitor if you want to get the most out of your experience. It’s the cheapest Unicon you will ever go to, and the only one that is likely to be held over New Years.

And the NZ vs Aussie $ cross rate is the best it’s been in years.

Ken Looi

Cut and pasted from the Unicon website:

Notes re competitors/non-competitors:

It’s important to understand that Unicon comprises of two things.

  1. The Unicycle World Championships
    2 The Unicycle World Convention

As a non-competitor, you can participate in the ‘convention’ part of unicon…workshops, opening/closing ceremonies, film night, unicon day rides, New Years Eve celebrations, and become part of the event. It’s one of the best things about Unicon. You can watch any races, hockey/basketball matches, trials and street competition, artistic freestyle competition, etc etc. But you are not able to compete because you are not entered as a competitor.

Spectators are the non-unicycling public. Unicon is there to try to get them interested in the sport. So there is no charge for spectators. They can watch any events they wish.

a few measly bucks?? well someones rich

:slight_smile: oh if only I was, I’m probably the poorest I’ve been in my working life right now!!!
As for parties every night: there will be, as anyone who has been to any Unicon can confirm.
Of course it’ll be fun for anyone going as a spectator, but they’ll miss out on a whole lot more if they’re not registered.

All trials riders are excluded? (Hhehe sucked in Michael, Kevin andIssac :p) (Only trial riders I really know)

Well that caused a bit of a stir :stuck_out_tongue:
i get what your saying about paying making it so that the event can continue on and stuff but one of the main reasons im asking is because Joe Waddington and Luke Collalto who would be coming with me if the trip wasnt too expensive for them, aren’t able to pay too much. and i really want those guys to come as im sure alot of people do :slight_smile:

Anyway sounds like chris will make our trip over there worth while even without going to the parties. (im not the biggest fan of parties anyway!) If the Street and Flat/riders are going to be doing night rides instead im sure we’ll have more fun then your parites :stuck_out_tongue:

Aaaaaahhhyeeeah :sunglasses:

Yeah unicons about unicycling. When I won’t be unicycling I’ll be watching other people ride/filming/spending time with my family and gf in Wellington and… watching other people ride :sunglasses: then TRYING to get some sleep.

I can fully understand being short on funds. I started coming to these things when I was 18 and had to pay my own way to all but the first one I went to. Lucky for me, the early ones were all reached by car. There’s a lot more to pay for on an overseas, long convention but if you can afford flight, food and a place to stay, surely you can save up enough to register. That has to be a pretty small percent of your overall cost.

I’m not 100% sure, but if you’re not registered I don’t think you are allowed to ride a unicycle at any of the venues. :astonished: That’s no way to enjoy a Unicon unless you can’t actually afford to eat. It will really, really be worth it if you can scrape the money together.

Whats this really matter? Wellington city is the best place to ride including the skatepark.

Wont the skatepark be a venue though? or only for the street comp day? can’t wait! im happy being a spectator at everything thats at the venues…as long as i get to ride a bit around Wellington city :smiley: