UNICON XV Registrations

UNICON XV surpasses 500 Registrations!!!

Remember to register before 1 Sept for the lower entry fee. You can register and edit your registration (eg competitions entered) both before and after payment.

Ken Looi
Organising Committee

Date (generated on) Saturday 29th August 2009 08:54:58 PM
Number of registrations 522
Competitors 394 (240 male, 154 female)
NON-Competitors 128 (24.5%)
Final Party 266

Registrations per Country
Australia 39
Austria / Österreich 5
Brazil 1
Canada 7
Denmark 81
Germany 94
France 27
Hong Kong 2
Italy 29
Japan 63
Korea South 38
Liechtenstein 1
Netherlands 2
New Zealand 53
Switzerland 22
Senegal 1
Singapore 4
Spain 1
United Kingdom 9
United States of America 43

where is it?

Wellington, New Zealand

I can’t wait! I’ve an NZ guidebook on my office desk right now and my helmet’s hooked on my documents In tray and I’ve got 2 unicycles beside my chair and it’s now all sounding very random but IT’S EXCITING STUFF!!!

Date (generated on) Wednesday 09th September 2009 11:41:54 AM
Number of registrations 575
Competitors 432 (264 male, 168 female)
NON-Competitors 143 (24.9%)

Registrations per Country

Australia 55
Austria / Österreich 5
Brazil 1
Canada 6
Danmark / Denmark 81
Deutschland / Germany 97
France 31
Hong Kong 2
Italy 29
Japan 75
Korea South 38
Liechtenstein 1
Netherlands 1
New Zealand 63
Norway 1
Schweiz / Switzerland 23
Singapore 4
Slovenia 2
Spain 2
United Kingdom 9
United States of America 49

Age Groups
U11 18 (4.2%)
U13 35 (8.1%)
U15 36 (8.3%)
U19 123 (28.5%)
U30 123 (28.5%)
U40 33 (7.6%)
40Up 64 (14.8%)

We’re expecting about 650-700 Unicyclists by close of registrations. If you haven’t ever spent New Year with hundreds of unicyclists…then this is your one and only chance! Make sure you sign up before registrations November.

Unicon XV Registrations

Nice information thanks for sharing with us.

where do we register!


Hello Unicon goers. Just trying to let everyone know about an awesome even on in NZ after Unicon. Its a HUGE music festival of about 30,000 people from the 29th of January to the 1st of February. http://www.parachutemusic.com/festival/ I have gone for the past 4 years and its AMAZING! it starts on the Friday and goes till the Monday. There will be quite a few unicyclists going there and it will be yet another awesome opportunity to have A LOT of fun and get the name of unicycling out to the world. So if you are staying in New Zealand for a tour after Unicon or whatever, then get to it, as it will be AWESOME. It is near a city called Hamilton. Its in the north island north of wellington and if you want to see it then look on Google maps. the venue is very large and it is located VERY close to the air port. If you want more info I would be MORE than happy to fill you in as I know quite a lot about it. And I apologize if i repeat this message across multiple threads as I really want everyone possible to go =).


uniconxv.co.nz/reg/login.php this link doesn’t working for me
now what to do?