Unicon XV Registration Update

Thanks for the heads up. I’m watching too. Unfortunately the $798 is only for flights through September.

For the actual dates of Unicon though it seems flights have gotten cheaper. When I posted a few weeks ago it was about $2100 US and now it’s as low as $1800. I need to get down to about $1400 and I’m in. I’m probably going to go ahead and register for Unicon though just to be optimistic.

I actually just bought a new bike, so I have a brand new bike box, I should really put everything in there and weigh it to see what it comes out to.

Yeah, I think I’ll take the train to New Zealand. :smiley: I think air travel is still about 100 times safer than travel by car. It’s just that if you have an accident, they tend to be either really minor or really catastrophic.

Yaay! Yes, flight prices are meaningless if you don’t consider the dates of travel. Unfortunately it’s the holidays that make it more expensive to fly to this Unicon. I looked at the fares and they stay high from around mid-December to mid-January or so, so playing around with your flight dates probably won’t make a significant difference. Jacquie and I are waiting to see where the prices go. I don’t see them going anywhere but down, at least until the Fall.

Sweet I just weighed my coker, muni and trials and it came out to 44.2 pounds not including two seats and one seatpost. I’m hopefully going to be replacing the frame on my coker with a KH frame and some brakes to go along with it by then, so that should even it out a bit. I think I can handle all three in the end!

Hugo_Duguay asked:

Junior Expert is ages 0-14. So you’d be in the Senior category.


Registration update with the latest data:

3 Australia
2 Canada
4 Danmark / Denmark
23 Deutschland / Germany
1 France
14 Italy
17 Japan
7 New Zealand
4 Schweiz / Switzerland
2 Singapore
1 Spain
1 United Kingdom
12 United States of America

---- TOTAL = 91 (74 competitors/ 17 non-competitors)
(The competitors: 42 male, 32 female)

Make sure you register and pay before 1 April to get the best deal:

Unicon XV Committee
IUF President


I just got an email from my Orbitz deal detector. $1486 from Los Angeles to Wellington, Dec 23 - Jan 8 on Qantas through Auckland. The cheapest it’s showing on the Qantas website is $1600, but their site keeps crashing so it seems it’s a sale. It might be vest to book immediately though Orbitz as this price may not last long.

I unfortunately don’t have my ducks in a row yet so I can’t pull the trigger. But I wanted to give the heads up to anyone that might be looking for flights.

Registration update with the latest data:

3 Australia
1 Austria
4 Canada
11 Danmark / Denmark
35 Deutschland / Germany
2 France
16 Italy
24 Japan
1 Liechtenstein
10 New Zealand
6 Schweiz / Switzerland
1 Senegal
2 Singapore
1 Spain
2 United Kingdom
12 United States of America

---- TOTAL = 131 (107 competitors)
Other random information:
31 have signed up for Trials, 2 for Street, 2 for Flatland, 26 for Individual Freestyle. Only 1 hockey team so far.

Make sure you register and pay before 1 April to get the best deal:

Paying before 1 April is the important thing – and remember that you must pay before 1 April using NZ’s time zone!! That realistically means most Europeans and North American competitors should pay before the end of the day on 30 March.

Unicon XV Committee
IUF President

Yay glad to see Power Cox are coming!

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder for those registered to pay before the 1 April deadline (NZ time). You will get the discounted registration! After 1 April, the cost of registration goes up to $250 for Competitors and $100 for non-competitors.

Also, we’d like to emphasise that you can edit your registrations througout the year (ie what events you are entered in), even if you are not sure yet, and regardless of whether you have paid.

Currently 203 registered riders from 17 countries. Connie will give you more detailed updates throughout the year.

Ken Looi
Unicon XV


I will pay tomorrow when my dad arrive (he’s working outside the town :()…

Also, I need a guardian! Anyone 18+ willing to be my guardian :p?!


Sorry Pedro, This time it’s not going to be me……:smiley:

I am glad that you’ve registered. But don’t forget to bring back your mind after Unicon is over!!!:wink:

Have a great time!!!

More from Singapore coming your way soon. They’re a little too rich to be paying for early bird :slight_smile:

So tough to decide whether or not to stay in NZ the whole time, or whether or not I want to go to Aus as well. Then Jiahui mentioned going to Samoa or Fiji! Gah so many ideas!

Nathan, when are you travelling? I’m keen for travelling down the country again after Unicon (need a holiday!), so we could almost do another SINZ Unitour (not the whole thing…probably the Central Otago Rail Trail) or unicycle road trip. Also keen to do the Queen Charlotte Walkway again.

I did the registration a few minutes ago :smiley:

Ken - I’d love to do another SINZ-ish type tour. If I’m spending the $$ to get to NZ, might as well explore a bit after unicon right?

I was thinking about this a few days ago, since there will be so many capable riders in once spot, might as well do a tour at the end of it. I’m sure there would be enough people (perhaps too many?) to do a short unitour after unicon.

I’m keen on exploring NZ definitely. BUT like I’ve mentioned to Nathan, Fiji or Samoa seems plenty exciting too on WikiTravel. I’m SURE there’re enough days to go around.

My knee’s still very wonky though so I’m not sure if I’m up to full-fledged tours then. This sucks - it’s almost April already!

I’m going to be heading out on the 23rd probably and arriving on the 26th (yay xmas on a plane!), then doing unicon and probably another week or so afterwards. I’m really tempted to do some muni in Fiji right now though, it is pretty cheap to get out to, and somewhere totally out of the ordinary!