Unicon XV Registration Update


How much have you saved thus far in your life? $200? I’m pretty sure they are accepting donations if you have saved any more.

I havn’t made much, but over $2000 I know forsure :stuck_out_tongue: I wasted the first 1k on a trip to aus… then the second wasn’t a waste, got my first KH and a nz uni shirt :slight_smile:

Hi guys!

I’m willing to buy the tickets between this and next week, also register and book accomodation, but I still want to know who is goig :p!

There will be a list will a signed riders online?!


It’s right there online. Just click on Show All Registrants (after you create your account).

Thanks Nathan :smiley: I was waiting to create an acc when I register… I will check it right now :smiley:

So exited… :p…

I hope that’s excited!

Seriously though, it is exciting to be signing up and everything less than a year after the last one. We just booked our lodging the other day. Plane ticket next…


Gah I really really want to do the 10k and the Marathon this year after missing them last year, and being really bummed about it, but I don’t think I can bring three unicycles that easily.

YAY all registered, Can’t wait to see everyone!

49th parallel represent!

haha, Sorry about the error Nathan… Not used to speak/write english :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also thinking about 10 and 42km… Hopefully I will get a 36 soon and start training…

Street and flat will be awesome in NZ… I can’t wait :stuck_out_tongue:

I may go to AUS after too :smiley:

The road races 10 and 42km will be great. I hope Chuck and the other really fast guys can make it. It’s going to be a Schlumpf-fest.

Not for me :p… My dad really wants a Schlumpf, and I love it too, but just the tickets will be 1900 Us Dollars + Registering + Food + Accomodation… And I think that my dad will travel with my mom while I will be in New Zeland, so the money will be short for a schlumpf :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll probably get a KH36 with some extra parts like a T7 and a custom powdercoating…

I can’t wait to meet everybody :D…

I talked with some friends and 14 German girls are also going :smiley: With lots of Japaneses and Germans, freestyle will be great :smiley:

:wink: It depends on the yet-to-be designed course. The 10km is likely to be along the waterfront…we’ll try to close off a few inner city streets for a criterium style 10km. That will be very Schlumpfy indeed, with good spectator appeal.

The course I checked out on Wednesday for the 42km is along the miramar peninsula/scorching bay. That is flat with a nice little hill in it (you’ll need to bring climbing legs). It took us 10-15min to get to the top on roadbikes…and we were pushing fairly hard. It could be a good course for a std 36" Unguni, especially if there is a strong headwind along the peninsula.

I’m not allowed to use my evil course…Hawkins Hill. It’s again pretty flat but there is a BIG hill at the end. It would have made for a good hilltop finish…450m climb in the final 3-4km. There is an annual run vs mountainbike vs roadbike race up there…the fastest guys do it in just over 20min. Alas, if we used this, I don’t think many riders would be able to walk the next day.

We’ll keep you updated.

Registration update below. I’ll try to update this once a week.

2 Canada
3 Danmark / Denmark
14 Deutschland / Germany
10 Italy
8 Japan
7 New Zealand
2 Schweiz / Switzerland
1 Singapore
1 United Kingdom
12 United States of America
---- TOTAL = 60 (52 competitors/ 8 non-competitors)

Make sure you register and pay before 1 April to get the best deal:

Unicon XV Committee
IUF President

I understand the difference between Junior Expert and Expert for Street and Flatland, but I don’t know where we draw the line between Junior and Senior. Is there an age limit to be in Junior ? Because of course, if I have the choice, I will choose Junior without a doubt.

45th parallel represent! :stuck_out_tongue:


Get a bike box from your local bike shop, and you should be able to fit 3 unicycles in there with lots of padding. A lot of airlines don’t charge extra for a bike box! I know Quantas doesn’t…as I was able to get my 12 foot unicycle and trials in a bike box and wasn’t charged anything flying to Australia from California.

I’ll be registering soon…

I’ve just put some information regarding baggage allowance on Domestic Flights in New Zealand. International flights will depend on airlines, but there is a huge domestic baggage allowance with Air New Zealand:


You can carry up to 75kg worth of unicycles domestically for only NZ$65.
Or 50kg for only NZ$15

More information on domestic travel (eg trains etc) will go on the website later this week.

I’ve also been to the TSB arena and taken photos of the three courts. It’s an amazing venue! Pics will go up on the website also.


Thanks Ken, I was researching that… Really important cause I’m planning to carry 2 19’s and one 36 :p… That will be hard :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just waiting some friends (Including Adrien), answer if they’re really going and I will register…

I’m also thinking about 4 days in Auckland or Sidney after UNICON. if any street, flat or trials riders wants to join, let me know… I must know that to buy my tickets :wink:

I’d like to point out some specials this week on Air New Zealand

US$798 return via San Francisco to Los Angeles to Wellington.

That’s the cheapest I’ve seen so far.


Good idea.

According to the news the airlines are going to keep bringing out cheap deals to keep people flying because they know with the recession people will cut back on luxuries like flights for holidays. They don’t want their seats to be empty so they will keep flying with lower prices. Might be a bit of a gamble to wait longer but like the stock market it could pay off. I’m glad I won’t be relying on such an uncertain method of transport. There seems to have been a lot of planes crashing lately.