Unicon XV Registration Update

It’s the TSB Arena on the Wellington Waterfront. We may have to cut the number of days to fit within budget. For instance, cutting out the event centre during the Muni/Marathon events. I think we’d be happy not to make a loss for the event…there are a few stressed out organisers currently looking for sponsors :astonished:

Any profits will go to the NZ Unicycle Federation. I’d rather not discuss the budget here, but for those that are critical of the costs…you pay $80-120 for entry to most one day (bi)cycling events around the country. This is a World Convention/Championship…which for the last 20yrs has never been held in the Southern Hemisphere. The next one is unlikely to be anywhere you’d pay $200 and petrol money to get to.

I don’t know where Rowan get’s two weeks from. I count 11 days from Opening to Closing ceremonies.

The flat rate is $200 for a competitor. Many of our costs are fixed. If you enter one event, it’s still going to cost the same to hire the event centre, event managers, race signage, volunteers etc etc

And mostly, don’t come to Unicon to do one particular event! Come and soak up the atmosphere and meet other unicyclists from around the world. It’s the best part about Unicon. Attend (or run) the workshops…the ‘Convention’ in uniCON.

Think of it more as a 11 day festival/celebration of unicycling than a competition.

I don’t know how it would be possible to charge per event…it’s taken us two months to get the registration system running to where it is. Think 500-800 competitors, and multiply that with 20 or more different events and various age groups, and you’ll see how complex it would be to charge per event.
How many thousand emails will be sent between now and registration being closed…people pulling out of events, entering extra events, entered in the wrong event? I know you’ve not been to Unicon, but it’s a little bit bigger than the NZ Unicycle Weekend :slight_smile:

We’re just running a small number of registrations now to work out the bugs and then it will be linked to the website on 1 March.

Unicon is more than one week. It’s the best part of two weeks in my opinion- how many days in a working week? Unicon is also two years- 2009 and 2010. Are you saying 11 days is one week Ken?

That is why the spectator option is seeming logical to me. I can’t wait for the Juggling festival- you should come Ken, to relieve some of your stress!

As someone who’s missed out on previous unicons because they’re plain unaffordable to a poor student (which I was), I’ll still disagree with what Rowan’s pointing out.

Sorry but given that you and your students are in New Zealand to begin with, you’d all be saving on air fare. Are all participants rich? Doubt so. When my friends and I went for Ride the Lobster, I daresay we paid the most in travel to race (possibly more than Ken) and we pretty much whined about it throughout (and still are). Yet, it was a great experience and we feel it’s worth the cost of admission.

Save a dollar a day and you can make the competition fee. If your students are really passionate about the sport, that shouldn’t be too much of a sacrifice. With almost a year til Unicon, I’m sure some of them could ask for the registration fee to be given as a birthday or Christmas present.

For me it will be the most expensive unicon ever.
I was very lucky with my first 2 (switzerland and denmark). I could drive there by car.

Now i have to fly half around the world… i really hope i can make it. Unicons are always a lot of fun! It will be worth the money for sure.

Im not rich either… every money i earn goes straight into my unis or the trips to unicycle conventions.

Really looking forward to this one :slight_smile:

I think one of the biggest problems with doing a per day system, is that it may not be financially responsible on the part of the organizers. Part of the reason why it is so cheap in the first few months is that they need numbers, and partial numbers are not something that is easy to work with. The more work you give the organizers, the more money an event will cost.

It also opens the flood gates to people then wanting to just pay for certain events, something that could cripple the event or at least force organizers to charge rediculous amounts for single events.

It also seems a bit late to be complaining about this considering the policies in place for this Unicon are pretty much identical to every other unicon. When groups release pricing information like this it has usually been finalized after quite a while of preperation and calculation, so trying to have it changed now, is quite a task. It would have been a good idea to have brought it up earlier before pricing information was released. There have even been threads on the board where you could have easily suggested such actions.

All that being said I wish you and your team best of luck in fundraising, and I hope to see you all there.

Hopefully the next Unicon will be in Korea, and we can indeed see the Chinese team once again! Plus it won’t be too far from NZ either!

The first several Unicons were all within driving range for me. The closest, Unicon II, also had the fewest competitors at about 50. The first one I had to fly to was Unicon VIII in England, and I was only able to afford that trip by the magic of credit cards. My choice was to go. Figuring out how to pay for it was one of those things you just work out.

When I was a kid and when I was a beginning rider, there was no Unicon to go to at all. How lucky today’s kids are to have such options available to them! Think of Unicon as a low-budget Olympics, which is really what it is. Then decide if it’s worth attending–or not.

Note: Nobody makes money on these things, and they are usually run by a core group of people who donate hundreds or thousands of hours of their lives to make them work.

I wonder what the spectator cost for a single Olympic event is. It’s probably somewhere in the range of $NZ 200. We’re getting off easy, well at least for registration fees.

When I first looked at flights the it was too early to book December flights, so I looked as far in the future as I could which was September, and it looked like a round Trip from Los Angeles was going to be about $1400. Now that it’s possible to book for December it looks like it will be about $2400, which is enough of a difference to possibly make the whole thing out of reach. And I know I already have it cheaper coming from Los Angeles than those living elsewhere in the U.S. and especially those in Europe.

Compared to transportation and accommodation the registration fee is hardly a concern. I’ll probably register when it’s still $200 and then if I can’t afford a plane ticket it will just be a donation to the organizers.

So saving a dollar a day from now, will not get me 200 by the end of next month (and I have other commitments). A dollar a day for the rest of the year is not 500 so I don’t quite see where your maths adds up. Only rich people can afford such expensive birthday or christmas presents for their kids- and are most likely to do so if they are unicyclists themselves.

I agree about the complications, but surely charging spectators a day rate would not effect event organisation, since spectators are not competitors.

A bit late? I only just found out the pricing information. I looked at the Unicon website when it came out and I didn’t see any pricing information then. I don’t think it is still too late to make minor changes, especially to the cost of spectators since the registration hasn’t opened yet.

I don’t have a team. I ride solo. I don’t need to fundraise as I live in NZ and it is cheap for me to attend. My concerns are more for my fellow NZ Unicyclists who are being told there is this amazingly cheap event to go to, that is not amazingly cheap because it is only cheap relative to how much it would cost if you were paying airfares.

Magic is real- you admit it! I knew you believed me, playing devils advocate.

I faced similar travel charges to go to the Ride the Lobster and I opted out since I didn’t want to beg for more sponsors (my sponsor backed out near the end). At least Will was able to go instead, and he is faster than me lately anyway. The canadian embassy wanted me to pay them a fee to travel there with a criminal record, which in my opinion was discrimination since I had already did my sentence for my crime (I believe the law was wrong anyway), why would I pay another fine for travelling.

Nobody? So the $10,000 a day for the event center is all spent on operating costs and they do it all for charity. And every cent spent on airfares all goes on petrol and the pilots and staff are volunteers who love travelling. People do profit from events like this, even if it is not the organisers. Wellington City Council would not be involved if they thought it would bring no money to their region I imagine. All the Accommodation that Ken has suggested will all be operating with no monetary gain. Ahh I get what you mean- the main corporations making the biggest money from all of this have no human body, so nobody is making money! Got it!

As far as I know from other unicons non competitor and visitor is something different. Visitors usualy can watch the competitions for free the non competitor price is for people who want to attend social events and workshops.

Its a little sad that we have to pay so much for accomodation but I know that it is realy hard to find something for so many people and compared to the 1500€ I have to pay for the flight it is like nothing.

The argument that the airlines and the city makes money is stupid because I dont think that we can change anything on this.

I’m sorry Rowan but $200 NZ for an 11 day convention of any type is cheap.

I was thinking maybe I was wrong to convert it to American because it’s $100 American but things don’t always compute directly because of labor rates and things, but I looked it up here or there it’s about 2 full days of minimum wage work. It’s not like you’re from a country where working in a factory you make pennies an hour.

If you can’t afford $200 by April 1st you’re over 18 get a credit card. Put the $200 on a credit card and pay it back a dollar a day. Even with the interest it will be cheaper than paying $500 in September. Even if you didn’t know how much the convention would actually cost that didn’t prevent you from starting to put money aside.

It’s doable. I don’t know what your current spending habits are but maybe go without a cell phone for a few months if you have one. There are ways to raise money. Maybe have you and your students put on a show. You could do a show a month from now until December and ask for donations. I would be willing to wager you’d have enough to at least pay your registration fees for everyone involved.

I’m sorry Rowan, but the registration fees are extremely reasonable and trying to argue otherwise is a moot point.

Something else you could do is write up a press release and send it to your local newspapers and TV stations. Explaining that you want your underprivileged students to be able to afford to go to the local world championships. Say that you want to maximize the participation by New Zealanders. If they do a story on you there is probably a enough kiwi pride to get considerable donations to pay the fees for you and all of your students who want to go.

It’s cheap. US$100 for a 10+ day event is cheap, period. I’ve paid that much for a one-day race entry. I understand that there are people who will consider that large of a fee a barrier, but that’s just the way it is; it’s expensive to put on an event like this, and it’s time-consuming to manage it with volunteer labor.

You’re not helping your case with this rant. The fact that the tourist industry will make some money due to people travelling to UNICON doesn’t give Ken and the other organizers any assistance; will Qantas give kickbacks to UNICON to help pay for the gym? No. UNICON’s expenses are their own, and they have to come up with a way to pay for them. Venues which are large enough to reasonably do unicycle events are very expensive.

One-day fees are a lot more to manage in terms of planning and logistics. For the last UNICON, when you registered you got a bracelet which got you into all the events. How would you handle that with day fees, have 11 different-colored bracelets? These are not professionally-managed events where you have paid ticket-takers at the doors, so the logistics are important.

You’ll be more likely to get somewhere by talking directly to the organizers, or to Wellington, or to unicycle.co.nz about sponsoring your kids, than you will be to change the funding model for a well-established international event.

Rowan is saying that his students which arn’t even teenagers wouldn’t be interested in competing in every event or even staying there for the entire 11 days. $200 is a lot for kids that are only going for the experiance.

For myself, I’m happy to be paying $200. But unlike the kids, I’ll be entering as many events as possible. Hell, I’d pay my entire life savings to enjoy this unicon.

Damn! I knew I should have used a different word there. And not “miracle” either…

Without the organizers, there is no Unicon. They are not overcharging. If you believe they are, you are free to not go. A flat fee of $200 may look like a lot to a kid who just wants to enter a race or two. But if it’s track races, they can enter a whole bunch for the same price. Does that help?

ThisGuyIKnow, In my searches so far, the two best deals to NZ are Air New Zealand and an Air Pacific flight that stops in Fiji! I looked at lots of flights from SFO and LAX so can’t remember which ones work for you. Coming from Sacramento we have the option of driving to San Francisco, though this is usually not cheaper in the long run than adding on the SFO-Sacramento hop. So our options pass through either SFO or LAX like yours. Try Kayak.com.

Ahh thank you very much for clearing that up for me. I just assumed that non competitor would be the same as visitor. It makes a lot more sense not to have to pay to watch if it is in a public place- and it might not deter the parents after all.

Having never attended anything like this before due to cost I am ignorant and by asking questions I can find out more.

It’s not so much the cost of $200 that I was scared of, but the cost of $200 + $75 per parent and +$75 for any siblings and plus petrol and accomodation, which I think is too much for any parent to spend on a birthday or christmas gift. But in the light of the last comment, if visitors like non riding parents or siblings can watch for free in order for their child to be there, then that allays my fears about extra unneeded cost. $200 for a birthday gift is more than I ever got but is not unheard of for kids these days (a lot of unicycles cost around that price).

This week the swimming season will be finishing at School so I will be stepping up the unicycling programmes a bit, so it is the perfect time to be passing on information about the best prices and times to register.

It’s not stupid. I was taking John’s words literally and I think it is inaccurate to say nobody makes money when a lot of money is being spent. I didn’t say you could change that- you assumed I meant that maybe.

Before posting try and read the entire contents of the posts. I said from the start I can afford to go. Get a credut card? I’m not that foolish. My query was mostly about the non competitors, and if they could have a day rate if they were coming to watch their kids or whatever, but Lutz has brought some new information to light about that. My students are very young and your suggestions aren’t practical. I don’t unicycle to beg for money- I ride for fun and transport. If I wanted to unicycle to beg for money I would be a street performer or in a circus. Actually I could apply for a grant from the bank, I just have to prove that we are in the National squad and representing NZ.

You can rant all you like about how relatively cheap it is compared to expensive things. I’ve paid too much to enter a Mountain bike race before too, and subsequently I didn’t go back. If you are 8 or 9 years old your perspective on money is different- and what was your daily wage when you were 9? Could there be a slightly cheaper fee for younger competitors? I’m just throwing ideas out there- the younger riders won’t take up as much room as the big old people. It sounds like the well established event already has a good policy on not charging visitors. I can get somewhere by sitting right here and typing.

Doesn’t help- I don’t need help anyway. Doesn’t matter if it can’t be changed- I was just voicing my concern. Can anyone confirm what Lutz has said because it seems the last few posts failed to read his one, as his answered my concern the best. I’m not accusing the organisers of being greedy or making profit- you guys can read whatever fake meanings out of my words that you like. Consultation between the organisers and the participants should be encouraged should it not?

If my students are not well off for money they could be part of it for only $75 and get to attend the social events and workshops and watch the races and other competitions! That is great news! Thanks Lutz! It just keeps getting cheaper…

Getting a credit card to save yourself $300 by registering sooner is hardly foolish. Using credit to work for you is far more wise than avoiding credit all together but that is an aside in this thread.

A unicycling fundraiser for your students to be able to attend a Unicon is not begging. If you were concerned about your students being able to afford to attend you wouldn’t be so rejecting of this option. It seems that you teach in connection with a school of some sort, talk to them about having a fundraiser for this purpose. They’d probably be happy to help you and your students out in arranging a fundraiser.

I don’t need a credit card!!! You go get a credit card. I can afford Unicon because I live in New Zealand. You don’t get it. I am not asking for special treatment for my students. One of the reasons I thought they might not be able to afford it is if they don’t decide right now what their plans for December are, the price will later become unaffordable ($500)- but now I know it won’t because a non competitor can still take part in workshops etc and $150 is not outrageous.

So my fears have been allayed. Can you please stop telling me what I should do to get money. I will sell some unicycles from Unicycle.com maybe- seems a better idea than getting a debt. I don’t ever want a credit card, I can spend money I don’t own by borrowing it at no interest from my family if I am desperate.

The school happy to fundraise for an extra curricular unicycling activity? They could be fundraising to pay my salary. I need to get myself into more schools to make more money- but that like you said it is an aside in this thread, and my financial situation is pretty irrelevant as I will find a way regardless of cost.

Back to the topic of Unicon and not money, well sort of money. If you are from overseas and are finding the cost of accommodation is going to be the straw that breaks your camels back, feel free to post in the Unicon XV - Travel and Accommodation thread of the NZ forums. You might be able to find a local Wellingtonian rider who you can camp with or sleep on the floor or something. Nobody has posted any of these kinds of requests yet so if you get in quick you might get lucky. I’m planning to sleep on the floor of a friends house down there to save $. I know this won’t solve everyones accomodation but it can’t hurt to try at least.

The credit card part was an aside not the fundraiser part.

Like I said if your students have any difficulty coming up with money to attend Unicon, you and your school could arrange a fundraiser. The school wouldn’t do the fund raising, you and your students would. The school would help out where they could by perhaps providing facilities.

You clearly stated in your original posts that you thought your students might have difficulty paying the registration fees, but then you ridicule practical suggestions to help them out.

I misunderstood the original price list. Why don’t you do a fundraiser for them? It is not my job to pay for students and I don’t want to be involved in making holiday plans for other people’s kids. Funds for taking children places do not just involve paying registration for the child, there are other family members etc. Lets drop it. They can find their own way there, and it is affordable if they really want it.