Unicon XV Registration Update

Unicon XV Registration Update

Just an update to let you know that Unicon XV registration will open on 1st March 2009. We are finalising the registration process this week. You will be able to pay by credit card (preferred), or wire transfer.

Registration costs are:
01-JAN-2008 to 01-APR-2009 Fee: NZ$ 200
01-APR-2009 to 01-SEP-2009 Fee: NZ$ 250
01-SEP-2009 to 01-DEC-2009 Fee: NZ$ 350
01-DEC-2009 to 08-JAN-2010 Fee: NZ$ 500

01-JAN-2008 to 01-APR-2009 Fee: NZ$ 75
01-APR-2009 to 01-SEP-2009 Fee: NZ$ 100
01-SEP-2009 to 01-DEC-2009 Fee: NZ$ 125
01-DEC-2009 to 08-JAN-2010 Fee: NZ$ 150

At current exchange rate: NZ$1= US 51c = AU 79c = UK 35p = Euro 39c

Many of you are also looking at booking accommodation. Unicon has a list of preferred accommodation providers from NZ$27/night (= US$14). Please go to the accommodation page on the Unicon website: www.uniconxv.co.nz

Email any queries to: unicon15@gmail.com

See you all in December!

Ken Looi
Unicon XV
Organising Committee

:smiley: Good to see its all happening.So how do we get the cheapest option :01-JAN-2008 to 01-APR-2009 Fee: NZ$ 200 when it is before the 1st of March ?

ok i get it now lol.I got confuzzled,cant delete post cause im too late

How come you put 1st of Jan 2008 to 1st of April 2009 if registration opens on the 1st of March?

The cost of entering is huge! If you are only entering a couple of races $500 is a lot to pay. I’ve been telling my students that this year is the perfect chance for them to go to watch or participate in a world unicycling event, but after seeing the price list it seems pretty prohibitive. Lets say if a kid wants to go along and enter in one race then it is $500 if they didn’t register early?

I know it must cost a lot to organise but surely that is excessive. I might go along as a non-competitor to protest the high price unless someone wants to sponsor me. I’m looking forwards to it and I don’t really ride a unicycle to be competitive anyway.

Just register early and pay 200$
You dont need to pay the 500.

Im a unicycle teacher and I have been telling my students about this wonderful opportunity that it is possible for them to attend the World Unicycling Championships (Unicon) since it is being held in their country- seemingly making it affordable. If any of the kids convince their parents to take them to Wellington (Lucy is keen already), then if she wants to enter a race she must pay $200 now, or $500 then if they don’t decide now- which probably will result in none of my students competing. That seems pretty restrictive on entries- but I guess these kinds of events are for the privileged elite- just like Titanium unicycle hubs.

It would be nice if there was a cheaper price for children or for people who can’t be there the whole time- $150 for a spectator is a lot to pay for someone who just wants to check it out for a day and doesn’t book early. I guess the event would be less spectacular without the cost and I wouldn’t have a clue what is involved in organising it.

I constantly need more unicycles and don’t have much money so paying $200 now is not yet an option, so I will just think about it for a bit. I am very lucky I don’t have to pay airfares to get there so most people will think I am a bit silly to complain about such a small entry cost- I’m just thinking how few New Zealand riders will compete- just a small handful I reckon (compared to how many riders we have), making it seem strange to hold it here since our population is so small, and the huge cost to most of the overseas competitors. It will surely be nice for them to visit New Zealand cos we have an awesome country!

Rowan, I think you should talk to the organizers and see if they can work something out with you. The purpose of higher late registration costs is to motivate people to plan ahead. Also they need the money to pay for things so they can reserve them, as well as needing to know how many people to expect.

But it might be possible to work out a “NZ student” rate or something, or possibly the ability to do some early registrations with names “TBD” until you know who’s coming.

The price is similar to previous Unicons, and yes, we have a huge budget to cover (The event centre costs $10,000 a day to hire).

It’s only $200 if you register early (GST inclusive). That’s $20/day for a 10 day event. The reason for early registration is to help us with numbers…we don’t want to have no idea how many people will be there until a couple of months beforehand.

Tell everyone registration will open on 1 March, and they have one month to get the low registration rate!

For NZ riders, this will be the CHEAPEST unicon ever. You don’t have to fly half way around the world to get there.

Ken Looi
Unicon 15
Organising Committee

So if a student comes and pays $200 to be there for a day or two- their parents will have to pay $150 (2x$75) just to spectate, that is $350, and most of the kids have a unicycle that is worth less than $200. While it will be pretty cool to invite rich kids, most of the parents are not going to want to (or be able to afford to) spend so much especially if they have other holiday plans as well. They could get a trials unicycle for that price (what a dilemma)! It would be really nice if you could do what John said to make it easier for local riders to attend- maybe have a shorter registration period cheaper. I will want to attend the whole thing but I’m sure other people will have commitments and places to be at that time of the year.

You don’t seem to have many corporate sponsors. Unicycle.com NZ, Wellington City Council, The Community Trust of Wellington, and Sports Impact.

If it costs $10,000 a day, is there going to be any sponsors money left for advertising? No wonder the Wellington City Council is supporting it if that is how much they are getting back from it. I hope they contribute some good help.

Maybe a day rate could be included, for those who are not staying for 2 weeks. Also the spectator rate is very steep- is the public going to be excluded from watching unless they pay? There must be limited room for people, having such an exclusive rate.

The purpose of motivating people to plan ahead during the recession with rising prices is likely to demotivate others.

The charges for UNICON XIV were:


which is about nz$270 for the earliest competitors price
so comparatively i think that its a reasonable amount to charge

On the other side of the coin, New Zealand riders need not be reminded that this is the cheapest Unicon ever – by a very wide margin. :wink:

Though it would be nice to have as many people attend as possible, I don’t know that Unicons are set up for people who want to ride in one race and go home the same day. However, there may be many attendees, from near and far, who cannot attend the entire event. I don’t know if it’s worth it for organizers to take this into consideration on a reduced registration for reduced attendance, or a day rate for people (probably locals) who can only attend for a couple of the days.

Although it seems like a stiff price, it is actually fair. This is the world championships after all. It is not really a venue for a child to come and do a race. It is for the fastest riders from all over the world to compete. I have been to the last 5 Unicons and the price proposed seems in line with what I remember paying. Of course I always register early to avoid paying extra.

Rowan, it would be great if some of your students could compete. I’ll tell you that they have a HUGE advantage cost-wise over anyone coming from overseas. It is so expensive to get to New Zealand these days. In the past, many of the young people I know have done months of fund raising locally to raise enough for airfare - to China, Japan, Europe etc. For instance when Zack won the World Trials Comp in Japan in 2004, he was able to do it because of bake sales, etc etc.


So there are not different age groups for races? I thought there would be in such a big event. Oh well I will just warn them of the cost and tell them the rich ones can go- speed is not a factor in affording it.

This may be the cheapest Unicon for you but it is the most expensive one for me! It is fair though and I will go even if I have to spectate instead of race. Will Sklennars can race for me since he beat me last year.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. It IS a venue for the fastest racers and best riders in every age group to compete (this includes down to 6 years old I think). I meant it isn’t really a venue for casual unicyclists of any age to compete. You’re meant to take this seriously, train for it, dream about it etc.

New Zealand will be one of the most expensive Unicons for me and my family of 3 to attend. The airfare is much more than we spend to get to Europe or Asia and there appears to be no real budget lodging. At the previous Unicons I’ve attended (except Seattle in 2002), there was something cheap available, in the neighborhood of US$10/person/day. That being said, I am looking forward to this so much - and racing against you Rowan (not that I have much chance of beating you of course)!

Here’s an idea for you. Volunteer to help out with the organization and/or running of the convention. If you do enough, you could maybe score a free or discounted competitor package.


Nathan, accomodation at the suggested backpackers start from NZ$27/night. If you look at the current exchange rate, that’s less than US$14/night. If you look which way the NZ$ is heading, it may get cheaper still.

One of the great things about Unicons is having good excuse to travel to far off places. That’s why I keep going to them even when they are a long way away.

For those of us in NZ, it’s a chance to attend the World Biggest Unicycle Convention/Competition without spending several thousand dollars to get there, and lugging multiple unicycles around the world. One of the reasons we brought it to NZ is so that we can get more NZ/Australian riders experiencing Unicon without costing a huge amount. Please support your local event.

Rowan, I don’t mean to be rude, and I really don’t want it to sound like I am trying to attack you. I look forward to meeting you in NZ, and after having seen you around these forums for so long and reading what you have to say, I greatly look forward to meeting you.

That being said, I really think you are being a bit of a baby about this, and the fact that you are looking for special treatment for any reason seems a bit absurd. I understand that for the most part at any unicon, it is going to be the rich elite who make it to these events. That is the way the world works these days, and until we have a worldwide communist led government it will continue to work that way.

You have an incredible opportunity, and now you are complaining about it.

There will always be financial problems, there are tons of other groups, clubs, associations and teams a like that will never see this unicon and probably many unicons to come because of financial difficulties, especially considering the state of the current economy.

Look at the Chinese teams who haven’t been able to attend unicons for quite a while. This is a whole country’s worth of competitors, some who have been training seriously for quite a long time, who can’t go. Or from my neck of the woods, Canadians who because of a population so spread out, can’t easily organize well enough to support any kind of team, let alone fund one.

There will always be ways for people to get to these events, and I think that Nathan’s example of Zack’s efforts is a prime example of this. Someone who couldn’t afford to go on his own, did all he could to afford to do so, and as far as I know didn’t get any special treatment from Unicon.

Find sponsors, do community work with your team, push for community support, camp out, there are lots of great ways to get you and your team competing at the events, to save money and to enjoy yourselves, but to ask for special treatment seems a little selfish, when there are countless other people out there who are just as deserving.

Sorry if that rant was a little rude, but I hope you can understand where I’m coming from with it.

My 2 cents…is that whatever the price is, it will be the best money you have spent in years and you will not regret it! UNICONS are so much fun, in fact the first one I went to was in 1994 and I’ve been hooked ever since and haven’t missed any, even though I have to work my ass off to afford them, it’s ALWAYS been well worth it. Trust me on this, you won’t regret it as you’ll meet so many lifelong new international friends, and honestly that’s priceless! Not to mention all the crazy cool tricks and things you’ll see for 10 days… Hope to see ya there!

Lucy, my student, is training for it -dreaming about it etc. She got a 20" for Christmas and has already worn out her tire. Dreaming does not make money appear for her parents. I don’t think it is fair to charge people for the entire event if they cannot attend the entire event- it is very long! Can’t it be $20 or $30 a day per competitor if you pre-register? Surely that would make more money than excluding those pre-registered entries, but would also add complication.

Also I have already been helping out by distributing Unicon flyers to my students and unicycling friends, and telling people about it. I’ve run out and need some more- but it would be good to have registration info too. I’m not looking for a cheap deal, and I don’t feel a strong desire to compete, I just want to be a part of the scene since unicycling is part of my identity.

You seem to have misread my post. I never once said I would like special treatment. I asked for a fair method of paying for an extremely long event. For people who have not been to a NZUni weekend before to ask them to commit to 2 weeks is asking a lot- especially if they are a member of a family who are not all as avid unicyclists as the one who wants to compete (and the rest of the family needs to make holiday plans that fit in). This could be adopted in other countries where Unicon is held too to make it possible for more local riders to attend and enhance the atmosphere.

Your point about Chinese teams not being able to attend is a very good one but that is not what I was pointing to- it is also a reason to suspect the statement “the fastest racers and best riders” because those qualities are not necessarily linked to whether you can afford to go to unicon.

The point I tried to raise by mentioning how prohibitive the costs would be to some, is because I want as many NZ riders to be able to take advantage of this opportunity as possible, and now during the planning and implementing stages is the perfect time to raise questions, rather than wait til it’s over and wonder why not many people from NZ turned up. Unicycling is exploding in New Zealand and the enthusiasm for it is contagious.

You say that “it is going to be the rich elite who make it to these events. That is the way the world works these days, and until we have a worldwide communist led government it will continue to work that way.”
Well as long as you perpetuate that way of thinking then it will! I’d rather look at it as not working though- not working for the majority, it’s working for the minority. Maybe the next Unicon can be in China :smiley:

Just out of curiousity, what is the event centre that is being hired? Is it being hired for the whole 10 days? And where will the profits go? (if there is profit :P)

Also, did you think about charging a flat rate and then charging people per event entered? Wouldn’t that be a fairer way of doing it?