Unicon XV Question

Hey all, my brother and i are going to unicon XV in nz later on this year. He’s competeing and i’m going over as a spectator. can i still ride around in the unicon area?? cause i won’t exactly be covered… so i’m a little unsure. thanks.

you should be able to ride round and do the workshops that will be on etc etc… but you can NOT compete in the trials and MUNI… all your answers should be on the unicon website.

No he won’t be able to do that.

I think you should just register as a non-competitor. That way you are still part of the event. Could be a bit boring otherwise. And when you’re spending lots of money on plane tickets and accommodation I’m sure another $100 won’t matter :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re a spectator all you can do is watch, and not participate in anything unicon. But if you’re a non-competitor ($100NZD atm) you can participate in workshops, the opening parade, etc.

Quotes from ken looi: :stuck_out_tongue:

In my opinion you should come as a non-competitor, you won’t regret it :sunglasses:

thanx all. yeah i know i can’t compete. i was just wondering if i can ride in the unicon area if i feel like it, cause i won’t be covered if i’m a spectator. so i’m unsure if they’ll let me ride in the unicon area. if not, i’m pretty sure i’ll just go off with people and ride anyway :slight_smile:

If you are coming all the way from Australia, it’s best to enter as a non-competitor. Spectating is free, as we’re trying to promote the sport in NZ…we want the public to come and watch the events. The TSB arena is right in the middle of town, and the 10km race is along the waterfront…like a mini criterium. Even the Street/Flatland/Trials are in a very public area. It will be an awesome spectating…and is being promoted all over Wellington.

However, as a non-competitor, you get to take part in the workshops (which are a big part of Unicon). Workshops include many day rides organised by volunteers. There is also a movie night, opening parade/ceremony, New Years eve entertainment, and other social events that would require you to be registered as a non-competitor to take part in.

If you’re flying to NZ, it’s not a huge extra cost to be registered instead of sitting on the sidelines. As a bonus, there should be lot’s of goodies in the registration pack from our sponsors :slight_smile:

Ken Looi
Unicon XV

p/s $100NZD is only $80AUD

sounds like it will be a good idea to just register as a non competitor anyway. i think i will, thanks.