UNICON XV- proposed dates. Feedback please!

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that we have been busy behind the scenes here preparing a bid for UNICON XV to be held in Wellington, New Zealand.

We have narrowed down the dates to Mon 28 Dec 2009 to Thurs Jan 7 2010.

This should fall in the summer holiday period for Universities and Schools in NZ and Australia. It should also fall into the Xmas/New Year holiday period for many of our Northern Hemisphere participants. This will be the first Southern Hemisphere Unicon hence Dec/Jan in place of the usual July/Aug dates (which will be Winter for us).

Does anyone see any problems with these dates?

Once we confirm the dates we will need to book venues and put the bid to the IUF. Please let us know your thoughts, including which country you’re from.


Ken Looi
NZ Unicycle Federation

I don’t see a problem except the sudden climate change, but you can’t avoid that anyway. You get my vote for the Dec/Jan dates, unless you want to host the first winter games? :wink: Country: Netherlands

For me I guess the dates are as good as any, I wont be able to make it, too far. Country: England

Dates sound great, i like the idea of mixing it up a bit, I will start planting trees now to neutralise my carbon footprint from that trip
Lucas Wintercrane: England

Should be ok as there are holidays everywhere. Hope i can make it :slight_smile:

Country: Germany

Those dates wouldn’t be off putting to me, the cost of getting there may be but that my problem not yours. SArah and family ( UK)

I think I have to go over my Nans for tea on those dates.


Bring her along.

Those dates are probably the best worldwide compromise…

Hmmm… looks like just enough time to do Christmas, hop on a plane, and get there for us in the states. My kids would have to take about a week off school to make it work as they get back pretty close after new years.

I doubt there could be a better way to work it out. Spring break is the only other thing that comes to mind, but everyone has a different week for that…

Sounds like the best overall answer to me… I would love to go… My wife went to Australia / New Zealand almost 20 years ago, and it was the trip of her life. She’s always talking about how awesome it was… Hmmm… college fund or unicon fund… tuff choices… :wink:

Keld from USA…

We have the same problem with school starting very early in the new year, like Jan 3. But missing a little school to compete in the world championships and hang with all your friends is an ok compromise. Christmas in New Zealand, that is our plan (we’ll head over around Dec 20).

This will be excellent!


Yup, I second that! Louise and I really want to go (and take an extended trip). Those dates should work out for us.


My kids like the way you think.

We are still discussing this one as a family. My wife is the only dissenting vote, but she is not above bribery.

Those dates sound good, most people i know are off. country: Canada