Unicon XV Open Male Street Final

took all night to upload this so enjoy it. and yes its rather late for a unicon video but i only just decided to make it a few days ago. and yes i missed a lot of stuff from the 1st and 2nd section (e.g. adriens landed trey down the large 6 set) because everyone was riding at the same time. not my fault. deal with it. also if u dont like pendulum, too bad, i just couldnt b bothered effing around for hours looking for better music (im sure u all understand lol). ok enuf silly excuses from me before uve even seen the video haha. enjoy!

Thanks for making this!!

Looked like a very close battle between Chris and Adrien. I think I agree with the final result though.
This video makes me want to land 540 hoptwists so badly.

Some crazy bails in there! Chris was funny when he was falling.

My fav. parts were Hugo’s bluntslide down the 5 and Loic’s doubleflip down the 7.

I didn’t know Hugo’s 540 down the 7 was really last second.

That was sick. I was really looking for something like this, thank you !

Too bad you couldn’t get Max’s 180 out of the 6 set rail, that was a highlight.

…I should have tried to doubleflip the 7…anyways ahah !

Thanks again !


You didn’t even double the 5 :stuck_out_tongue: But I can’t talk because I landed next to nothing in the final zone lololol(on the stairs anyway). Lots of footage was missing, but thanks for putting this up anyway, Isaac. Good memories.

Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirty neeeeeeeeeeeedlezzzz!

Oh I did double the 5 (that’s part of the missing footage). But that doesn’t mean anything, I had not 540’ed the 5 either…

Your Inward Varial down the 5 was so nice looking. And Adrien is funny when he lands a trick, especially his Trey Triple on the 5. He looks like he’s too shy to be happy or something…

Now that I think of it, I’m sure you did too.

And haha, yeah thats exactly what I’m thinking.

Great video! 0:16 to 0:19 was so funny!:stuck_out_tongue: The last second 540 twist was also really awesome, just to name a few of the many excellent things:D

oh me too man, me too

actually he did. i thought i put it in near the start of that section but i mustve accidentally deleted it. it’ll still b in the raw footage somewhere lol

actually u did lol. but i decided to leave it out cos u 540’d down the 7 and i was tight for space in the video and i figured a variety of tricks would b more interesting than repeating tricks


Ahah I didn’t remember that…what would we do without you !?

probably everything u still do. but thanks anyway lol