UNICON XV: MUni night ride

Bring your lights!!!

I’m in the process of trying to get a couple of my mountainbiking friends to lead a night MUni ride at Unicon.

Make sure you pack your lights if you want to do some night riding.

Ken Looi
Organising Committee

Agrrrrrrrrr… I’m sooo angry I can’t come to New Zeland!
Have fun guys!! :sunglasses:

That sounds like a really good idea.

I’m in !

Hell yes! count me in.

Awesome!! Can’t wait.

Sounds great!
I hope a headtorch would be enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of my friends from the local MTB community are going to lead this ride up in the Wainui Hills. They’ve been busy building tracks in the area:


Also have a look at ‘Wainuiomata Trail Project’ on facebook. Some pictures there.

Remember to bring lights! I don’t know how long you’d be riding- but I imagine 2-3hrs of lighting would be required. There is some rooty downhill which sounds like fun, and great views of Wellington and the Hutt Valley from the hills.

Those trails look great!
Mybe I’ll need to borrow some proper lights.

You will need good lights if this is done as a night ride. But it’s going to be fun day or night:


Wow, looks a great run, i’m in.

I would like to join the ride, but I don´t have a light :(:slight_smile:

Get some of these:

Brightest and lightest lights you’ll get for the price