I thought I’d start a Unicon media thread. Post any Unicon related media you have in here.

Here is an article from the Sunday Star Times:

They spelled Unicon as Unicom!

I don’t like the way you talk about circus unicycling Ken- it sounds like you are prejudiced against clowns, or perhaps even scared of them. If you want to be seperated from the clown image why do you constantly mention it in the media, as if it is some kind of tar-brush to be painted with? I think clowns probably suffer more discrimination than a lot of other groups because it seems to be socially acceptable to hate them. Your distance riding style is far more stuck in a rut than circus unicycling ever was. I imagine circus was one of the main things that springboarded unicycling into popularity- so in my opinion you should be more proud of your unicycling forefathers. If your skills were anywhere near circus performing standard then you might take it as more of a compliment, but since they lack no wonder you take offense!

I posted this article ages ago cos my one was in March to alert people about the early registration (seems a bit pointless telling people about it once it’s already too expensive for most riders). Just about time for another article but I don’t think I can be bothered.

haha pain face. i hate how newspapers always pick the worst photo they take. once i was in the paper and i looked i was about to spew. second time i was in the paper i looked like i saw somthing really scary right under where i was jumping.
anyway cool article!

Do some Street for once :stuck_out_tongue: (Ken)

This is all in good fun btw haha

It’s better for the unicyclist to mention it than for the journalist to make up their own comparisons later. They almost always do whether we talk about it or not.

My first unicycling newspaper picture was just of me, with only my friend’s shadow included. We were both riding geared-up 6’ giraffes in a 75km charity ride. One of my other earliest pictures was of me falling off while wheel walking. I guess maybe it didn’t look like I was falling off to the editors and maybe most viewers, but it was painfully obvious to me…


Edit: I guess insted of spamming, I’ll add what I can.

Getting interviewed by Maori TV about Unicon when I pass through Auckland on my way down.

Good stuff…I was wondering if they got hold of you…you didn’t put your phone number in the registration form so we didn’t have your contact details.

I’ll take up Street if you enter the Marathon :stuck_out_tongue:

Re the pain face…they asked me to grit my teeth and look angry. There were a couple of misquotes in there…I’m pretty sure I didn’t tell him that my frame weighed 8kg, and I think he got confused between Street and Freestyle, but on the whole it was reasonally accurate.


I’m probably doing a writeup for a local (ie. tiny) cycling mag when I get back. I’m still looking to pitch something Unicon-related for some other places. Will see.

I’ll probably get a live interview on ESPN and a maybe another show from ESPN…

Also one bike magazine… The biggest around there… not sure how many are printed… but it’s reasonably…

UNICON made the 6pm News on both TV1 and TV3, as well as national radio.

Here is the TV3 News Story:

And TV1 News (video not online yet):

Further updates and photos of todays Opening Ceremony will go up on the website later tonight.


TV1 News Video now online:

I uploadet our unicycling pictures from the unicon and the traveling around in New Zealand in the AJATA Team Gallery and on Facebook.

I took over 5000 photos on our New Zealand trip, and finally all the Unicon ones are posted! There is one more album of NZ pictures I’m working on, which are from after Unicon. To see just the Unicon albums, start here:

Note you’re looking for 2 albums in 2010 and one in 2009. There are some fun video clips as well.

To see all the NZ stuff, start here: