Unicon XV: massage

Hi everyone,

We’re organising to have a massage therapist at the event. Good for warming up those muscles before and after your event!

We’d like some feedback on where and when they would be needed at and the amount of interest.

They do short sessions, and costing about NZD$10-20. Do we want them mainly at the trials/street/freestyle/marathon/10km events? Would you prefer a sports massage before or after competing? Or both?

Many thanks

Ken Looi
Organising Committee

I’m used to do small massage sections after and before hard stress…

But at least for me, isn’t really good before riding… I would do it 2 or 3 days before the comp, and after it!

The price sounds good too… I would pay for some sections I think…

Thanks for that. So it’s better towards the end of the evening rather than at the start of competition?

For me yeah… I just fell way to relaxed after the massage… And I like to compete under stress… makes me jump higher, put energy on tricks and land everything more consistent…

Anyway, that’s just me… Lets see what the others thinks about it!

ill give massages for free :wink:

nah i like the idea and price sounds quite reasonable.

It includes guys too Isaac :roll_eyes:

Lol yeah seems a good idea though, good price etc. I’m sure there’d be quite a big demand for them after the long-distance ones :smiley:

I think Safey is correct about a demand after the long-distance ones but for me I don’t think a massage is really that necessary or worth it for the street/trial/flat. We don’t get a massage everytime we ride at home so I don’t see why we need one there, it’s like riding at home except there’s just people watching you and you are competing. For warming up I just ride around a bit for 10 minutes till my body starts to work. Either that or I can do some stretches. As for the massage after the comps, I wouldn’t pay to have a massage.

This is just my opinion but there may be some out there wanting the massage.

ur point being? lol

EDIT: that was a joke, im not gona massage any of u guys just incase u got ur hopes up

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

I don’t think it’s necessarily just for competitors. After a few hours of watching freestyle/Street etc, you need someone to work out those achy knots out of your shoulder/back.

They’re quite keen to be there everyday…but I just don’t want them to be sitting around with nothing to do.

We’re looking at trying to get one of the massage therapists to do a massage workshop :slight_smile: