Unicon Xv Logo Design Competition

Listen up all you graphic designers and artists out there!

We’re working on a logo for UNICON XV to take with us (on business cards, and for our website and t-shirts etc) to Denmark this year, and we decided to run a little competition to see who could come up with the best logo.

I had a pretty good design going, until my computer decided to fry itself so i’m back to square one.

I’ll leave it open to your interpretation, but it must follow these guidelines:

  • Feature a unicycle somewhere (duh)
  • Feature a kiwi icon, so a map of nz or a kiwi on a unicycle or a fern etc
  • Must feature the words UNICON XV, Wellington 2010, New Zealand

You’ve got until the 18th of May to come up with something amazing, so get cracking.

The winner gets free entry to UNICON XV, a free t shirt and the knowledge that your logo is going to be seen worldwide and used in a world championship event.

You can e-mail your tries to me, or PM me a .jpg.

Please try make your entries as high resolution as possible :slight_smile:

Go to it!

Joe (NZUNi Presidente)

so the only version you want of it is a high res jpg?

im totally in, expect something from me in a few days.

heres hoping i can afford to fly out to NZ haha

Well, I figured it’d be a format that’d be easy for most people to supply.

However, if you want to supply it in something else, we can work with that too.

no, no, the jpg is no problem. I was just wondering if you need different versions for internet, web, and videos.

Sorry to hear about that. When you buy your new hardware, don’t forget to add an external backup drive. They’re super cheap now, and your data’s worth it!

I don’t think I’ll be able to get a design together for you, but if you want to include the old IUF logos (there are two versions) I can supply high-res versions of those, which I did design.

Recommendation for T-shirts and other promotional materials: Don’t forget to use the word “unicycle,” in its entirety, somewhere. It needn’t be in the logo but this mistake is made surprisingly often when promoting unicycling events. Unicon, NAUCC, Nats, etc. don’t mean much to people outside the sport!

How’s this?

Im keen to meet this challenge. I began a design last night but I have afew questions.
Firstly, can we send you more then one design? also, can we send afew versions of those designs that you would then have the opportunity to choose from?

Oop, sorry, forgot to mention, the pictures I swiped are from Petite Pete’s website and I just used them for illustrative purposes only.
If you guys like the idea then they can be changed to something else.

I already sent these to him, but I’ll post them here to get feedback from all. :slight_smile:

My Entry

Hey guys,

i thought id chip in. Let me know what you think (im not so happy about the type placement but thats just me.)

my design

sorry i saved it as cmyk :S so its not green, more brownish ill fix it later… unless you like it green then i did it on purpose:D

I liked your design! It’s clean and self explanatory!

I will try to do something this week!


That’s great!!!

Keep them coming.

Also, don’t forget the NZ national symbol is The Silver Fern, and our national Icon is the Kiwi (the bird, not the fruit). You can incorporate those into the logo also. It doesn’t all have to be the country.

The tourism NZ sites are a good place to start:

Don’t make it too complicated/detailed, as it needs to be printed on T-shirts, on the website, and also on medals/trophies etc.

Also have a look at Unicon logos from previous Unicons for ideas:

Have fun!


Here’s my entry.
I went a little more cartoony with my design.


I like all these alot! This one’s really good. So is the one before it!

Mine started pretty simple but now it feels cluttered, I’ll submit it anyway. here it is.

Another rough idea…

These are all fantastic guys, keep em coming!

And YES, you can submit more than one if you like

Dude, that is cool as! 2010 gives me plenty of time to practice! would really love to go to unicon. I’m sorry I couldn’t possibly give logo design ideas because I’m artistically deficient.

criticism please